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Leor’s FeelGood Box Choctasy: You’d be crazy not to indulge yourself!

The waiting is finally over! The box I’ve been wanting to share with you is here! If you love chocolates, then this post is something you don’t really want to miss!

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then chocolates are a girl’s best sweet treat! 

Let me introduce you to a new brand, Leor, and one of its trademark boxes that I’ve been wanting to share with you. The FeelGood Box, Choctasy. Luxurious body and bathing products plus your extra best sweet treat!

Take a peek!

Carefully packaged and bubble-wrapped.


Leor was established back in 2011, formerly known as FeelGood Box. They originally sold gift boxes containing various products from miniatures perfumes to bubble baths to romantic books but then decided to make some changes, and now they’re back as Leor.

It’s all about bringing you fabulous pampering products in an array of fragrances with Leor. And I was very lucky to be given the chance* to try one of their FeelGood Boxes – the Choctasy Box!

You definitely deserve to have a relaxing weekend or a designated ‘me time’ after a tiring busy week. Plus, you know when chocolates are involved, you can never go wrong!

And this is where Leor comes in the picture, along with their bath and body products available in various fragrances that you can enjoy!

Four FeelGood Boxes to choose from:

  • Pamper Me Good – They will choose the products for you. If you love surprises, then you’ll love this!
  • Fill Me Up Nicely – You choose your own products! Go on, spoil yourself even more!  Nice!
  • All White On The Night – White chocolate lovers, this one’s for you!
  • Choctasy – A soft spot for milk chocolate?  Then you’ll have a choctastic time with this!
Fragrances to choose from:

♦Chocolate Truffle ♦ White Chocolate ♦ Sticky Toffee ♦ Lavender ♦ Rose ♦ Cucumber & Melon ♦ Natural Coconut ♦ White Jasmine and Mint ♦ Carribean Tropical Fruit & Mango ♦Exclusive: Strawberries and Champagne

What’s in the box?
(Leor’s FeelGood Box Choctasy – simple yet luxurious looking)

First Impression:

I must say that I’m very impressed with FeelGood Box Choctasy. And did I tell you that as soon as you open the box, the lovely aroma of chocolate will greet you?? It’s pure bliss!

Also, you’ll be pleased to know that their products are not tested on animals, as well as being sulphate and paraben-free! Meaning, you’re not only pampering and making yourself feel special, but you’re also looking after your skin with its natural ingredients. These ingredients are sourced within the UK.

Now, who would not want this type of TLC?

Ladies, you definitely now know what you want on your Christmas wish list!

Choctasy Goodies!

Fragrance: Chocolate Truffle
Bath Milk 150ml
Face Mask  100g
Cooling Foot Scrub 120ml
Body Lotion 150ml
Shampoo & Conditioner 150ml
3 x Tea Light Candles
Luxury Milk Chocolate Bar 100g

Price: £45.00

And these products are made fresh to order! Isn’t that amazing? So you better place your order as soon as you’ve decided which fragrance you like best, as delivery can take up to two weeks! But let me tell you, the wait will all be worth it!

Important: Leor currently delivers in the UK only, however they’re looking into making their products available worldwide. 

Make sure you stay tuned as Bath Milk Chocolate Truffle review is coming up soon! The bath milk where it says ‘sink into an indulgent bathing experience to feel like Cleopatra!’ — and believe me, you will!

For more details on any of their products and delivery, please check here.

What do you think of this new brand, Leor? Tempted to try the Choctasy FeelGood Box?

(P.S. the chocolate bar is to die for!)

*Thanks to Breige at for recommending me to Leor on Twitter .


31 thoughts on “Leor’s FeelGood Box Choctasy: You’d be crazy not to indulge yourself!

    • I know! So tempted to find out how the Bath Milk tastes like haha. And yes, the bottles are definitely stylish looking, plus you don’t gotta worry about dropping them as they won’t shatter like those glass bottles! (P.S. Just checked your site out, and I love it! Followed you via Bloglovin’ 😉 )

  1. Reblogged this on f00dventures and commented:
    For all of my female (and male readers with ladies in their lives) here is a fantastic feel good treat. Would make a great birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift. I know what I’m asking for from my fiancé 😉

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