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25 thoughts on “It sucks when you get hacked! Please don’t be in my shoes.

  1. Sorry you’re having to deal with this. I had a few strange things happen. I immediately started changing passwords and locked down my FB account until I fixed it all. is something to keep handy.

    • Hey Pete! Thanks for the link. Yes, I’ve tried all sorts already and even asked one of my friends who knows more about this stuff and was told that if you want to get hacked easily, Facebook is the way to go LOL. Still working on this and hopefully later will be able to get in touch with FB, otherwise bye bye account 😦

      • Agh it does make me wonder how people do things like this, someone hacked my Gmail account recently but thankfully Google recognized that it’s a bit weird for someone from Canada to be accessing my e-mails and I quickly changed my password.

  2. Hi D, so sorry you have to go through all this. Thanks for sharing this, same thing happened to me on twitter a couple of weeks ago so it was change of password straight away but interesting info about usernames – time for me to change a few things too

    • Oh, you had this on Twitter? Just had the same thing happened to one of my blog followers, too. Twitter and Facebook are like peas and carrots for getting hacked or something. Pain in the butt, I tell ya, I just went on a frenzy and changed all passwords, like looong ones! Had to resort with good ol paper and pen to write em all down hahha

      • I know it totally sucks but luckily with twitter it wasn’t so bad as I didn’t click on the links on my computer. I only saw it on my phone and that’s when I changed my password.
        Keep your piece of paper safe, my father always did that with different usenames and passwords – now I know why 😉

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