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Updated: Facebook, I don’t ‘Like’ you right now.

There’s nothing worst when you don’t know what really is going on with your account online. Something I went through yesterday afternoon. Well, today I can confirmed to all that my new FB account was indeed hijacked. And just like I mentioned in my post yesterday, the little mistakes we do can easily become a gateway to our other accounts and will put them at risk as well. I couldn’t access my Skype account when I tried this morning and I know I got the right password. Luckily, it was a new one I set up the other day to try out using the email I also used on Facebook!

I knew things like this possible to happen, just never thought I’d be in this position quite a lot sooner. We’re still trying to see if I can still get back that account but I have a feeling that I won’t. Just went on a panic change-all-passwords mode! And I would say you do the same when you get a chance, in fact, find some time to do it. Updating our passwords will definitely protect us, even if it’s just an extra layer away from being hacked, plus be very aware that for those who have the same username or even password across your across the social networks, you’re even in greater risk!

Facebook can definitely do a lot better when it comes to protecting us from all these phishing scams and hacking that have been looming around and affecting many on this site. I was told by one of my techy friends that if you want to get hack, the easiest way to do it, is have an FB account!

And please, employ some people that could help with Customer Service as I’m sure we can all agree that we’d like to talk to somebody, even if it means paying towards an upgraded account, I really would not mind!

So, I won’t be on Facebook until the issues get resolved, but you can tweet with me still. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s it for now and thanks everyone for all your support and advice!

And to cheer myself up earlier, I made myself this.

Nothing beats a nice hot coco, or in this case, minty hot coco drink that simply made this Momma Bean smile.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and be safe online!

UPDATE: I finally managed to get control over my FB account! Hurray! I’m still laying low until my friend helps me out to secure it to prevent any pain in the butt hackers from messing with it. Will be making noise from that side of the world again!


19 thoughts on “Updated: Facebook, I don’t ‘Like’ you right now.

  1. Oh so sorry D! That’s is so annoying! : ( I hope everything gets resolve soon…
    That mint hit coco looks so yummy!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hey Liss! Yes very yummy hehe. I got four different flavours from Morrisons for ยฃ1! You should try them.

      Good news, I’ve managed to get a hold of my FB account phewww… will be working on how to secure it so I left it as deactivated. What a weekend!

      PS. did you get your samples yet? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Yeah luckily it was nothing serious! I hope you get it sorted soon! I am…well, it is Freshers week to officially uni starts next week but I have a lot going on this week because I am going to be one of the editors for the uni paper so a lot of meetings at the moment! I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! I’m glad to be starting again though ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I’ve managed to access my account earlier but I kept it deactivated until my friend can help me secure it. But I’m glad I was able to finally get a hold of it in the end!

          Oh, congrats for being one of the editors, there’s going to be more writing for you! heheh. I sure had my moments when I was at college, although I started uni at one point, I quit and resorted to working full time. Still, it was fun!

          • Aah well I hope you get it all seen to! Thank you! Haha at the moment there is a lot of organising and I never have any time to write any pieces! Haha. I like uni, I’m going to do a master next year because I don’t want to leave!

  2. My e-mail had been hacked years ago, I totally agree with you, the feeling’ horrible, the panic of all the possible bad things would happen if people got their hands on my personal data flashed before my eyes once I realised I was being hacked (hey, I sound like I was going to die – “My life flashed before my eyes!!!!” ha ha ha)

    Before that experience, I had never changed my password ever since I started that address for 6 years. From then onward, I would change the password almost once a month.

    Up till now, I still don’t understand why do people not using their talents for good ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Gigi, you’re right. I just don’t get it why people would do such a thing and not do something more useful or productive without making other people miserable. I just don’t get it.

      Did you manage to get your email back? It’s very daunting when you know what could happen or how this people would abuse your data, you know. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      This experience was definitely a big wake up call for me. I’m kinda nervous still but I’ve taken precautions already, just fingers crossed things will be ok now.

      • Yes Donah, I did get back my e-mail, the hacker had only sent a SPAM e-mail to all my contacts in the middle of my night, fortunately some of my contacts’ details are outdated, so I had few Failure e-mails sitting in my Inbox when I checked my e-mail in the morning and changed my password right away. I’d seen no more damages done after that SPAM e-mail. But continue to be in alert, which is not fun at all x-(

  3. Oh my god, I’m so sorry you had to go through all this ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I believe it was very stressful and frustrating. Dont actually know what to say, people are so mean, and I dont have a clue why.. I’ve received so many messages on Twitter saying something like ‘someone is telling bad stuff about you..’. what do they want to achieve with that? I’m very naive, obviously.
    I agree with your techy friend, facebook and other similar sites are scary when it comes to privacy. Not to mention terrible number of spam emails I receive every day. But that’s my own fault, because frankly I wasn’t very careful about leaving my email address on the web. There are so many bad things happening, that sometimes I want to delete all of my accounts and never switch on again. Just, so many good friends I’ve met on the web are hindering me to do that.
    I hope this was the first and the last time this happened to you! hugs&kisses ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Aww, thanks Mel! I know what you mean, this peeps who do these things to others could have been doing something better with their talent. But yes, I should have been more careful as well. Lesson learned. I’ve now taken precautions so I’m hoping that that would be the last. And yes friends are stopping me to ditch the web! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m so glad to see you’ve got your FB back. Hello, I found your site from a twitter user, haha. Great post, you are so right! I’m always onto people about switching up your password. It’s devastating to loose access. Any tips for making your FB safer?

    • Hi Kaye! Glad you found me via Twitter! This was definitely the biggest wakeup call for me when I had to go through days not being able to access my account. It was just horrible. Luckily, when I signed in again on my phone, I was able to go through, so I was thinking it could well be an FB error or indeed my account was hacked. One of my techy friends just happened to be a whiz on these things so he gave me some pretty good advice. I’m not sure if you’ve done this already but, you can increase your FB account security by opting for Text notifications. You can also choose Login Approvals meaning you have to get a code and then have Code Generator on your phone’s app. Track all the devices that’s currently running or have access to your FB and asked yourself if you really need them or not? All these apps have access to your info or any details you have on FB apparently! My friend called the app games stupid hahah, because he said these apps contain viruses or even phishing scam so once you click it, your info is sent to someone else and that’s it your done. Make your pw longer, I mean like longerrrr and almost like this &^*//3$39dke<!@ honestly when he showed me how his password looked like, my jaw dropped! Goodness know how he remembers them LOL. Last thing he told me, FB is not safe – it's so easy to hack, he said. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks so much! That is really fantastic advice!! I had activated the notifications and done most of what you said, but the app thing made me stop and think. Hmm, maybe I should look into that! When I first started blogging my biggest fear was getting hacked. I lost an email years ago to someone and luckily it wasn’t that important, but it taught me a lesson. I guess I should be thankful I learned back then, and not now at such an important time. Xx

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