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You definitely don’t want to miss this amazing post from the fab Dee T., the Haute Frugalista! Fake or Real numbers of followers? Find out for yourself.

Here’s my Twitter follower stat that I quickly pulled out using the app from Status People that Dee shared on her post. I’m so happy with this result. 🙂



Hello My Friends!
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I hope your week is going great! In life there are many times that we try to determine if something is real or just an appearance. From love to business, as human beings we are in the constant search for what it’s truly valuable and what it’s not. Why are we always so focused on evaluating this? 

Well, there are many reasons depending of the situation: Avoid wasting time, getting scammed, trusting in the wrong person or simply avoid a broken heart… but when it comes to blogging, how much attention do we pay to this? Sometimes I wonder: Are some people ok with having a fake following as long as it looks as a they have one? If so, then how real is the blogging experience?

I came across an article that talked about how many brands grow their twitterfollowship by buying followers. I knew…

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