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So Sweet Blogger Award. Because you’re oozing with sweetness.

Blog awards always have a special place in my heart. Although, I must say that I’ve not been able to do an award post as often as I would like to do it.

Hence, this post is a very special one as I want this to be about the bloggers who sweetly included me in their nominations. A simple gesture of letting them all know that I’ve not forgotten. In fact, I sincerely appreciate their thoughtfulness towards and for always putting a smile on my face.

After all, without your support, this little blog won’t just do on its own. So, I’m giving some love towards your way and nominate you all for the So Sweet Blogger Award. Fits perfectly, don’t you think?

And this award has travelled far before arriving on this side of the blogosphere. I had a lovely tweet surprise from the lovely Mel at saying she nominated me! Thank you so much Mel for remembering me, regardless of the distance 😉 we have. Now is my turn to share and nominate these fellow bloggers below.

I’m supposed to give this to 5 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) but hey, I think you all deserve this award along with this cupcake plus a cherry on top!

So here are the bloggers who nominated the following awards, who I’m now bestowing them the So Sweet Blogger Award.

In no particular order, Thank You for the:

Please give them your warmest bloggers applause and don’t forget to shower them with love by visiting them. You definitely want their blogs on your blog-loved list! Just click on their blog names and this will link you up to them. 🙂

And once again thank you all, and you’re more than welcome to share this award to those who are oozing with sweetness.

Don’t you just love blog awards?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Note: If you’ve been getting email notification saying I’ve just subscribed to your blog, this is because I changed my email for WP recently but not getting new post alert anymore even after I changed all the settings. So I decided to do it manually and re-follow everyone. Just letting you know, in case you think I’ve not been following you all this time 😦


27 thoughts on “So Sweet Blogger Award. Because you’re oozing with sweetness.

  1. Congrats Donah and you really deserve this Award. What a precious Award. Thank you so much. Have a terrific day. hugs. Renee 🙂

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