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Review: Klair’s Supple Facial Toner. A Very Gentle Toner That Will Nourish Your Skin.

Klair’s Supple Preparation Facial Toner.

What a mouthful! The toner that feels like water, but definitely better than water  (or other toners) with added benefits.

Formulated base as plants extracts, that helps in balancing your skin pH level and nourishes your skin. Just what I needed. When Eddie from informed me that they’ve released Klair’s new line and was asked if I would like to try this toner, I was very excited since it’s been a while that I’ve looked for one. I was just using cold tap water, which let’s be honest, it can really dry out your skin. 

Main Ingredients

This toner contains amazing ingredients such as Phyto-Oligo, an ingredient that helps moisture flow to resolve basic skin dryness. It also has wheat amino acids that provides anti-inflammatory action and deep hydration.

Other facial toners I’ve tried in the past, from Asian brands to Western ones (Amore Pacific Mamonde Extra Moisture Emulsion, Mizon Collagen Lifting Toner, Simple Soothing Toner & No7 Soft and Soothed Gentle toner) all failed me when it came to providing the much needed moisture after cleansing.

Toning your skin is very important as this removes excess dirt and impurities after cleansing while it closes your pores. And what makes this toner extra special is the fact that it does all the above, while also leaving you a supple skin, hence the name.


This is one of Klair’s range that’s been renewed in terms of its appearance, quantity and ingredients (upgraded). The first version had the same bottle but was more at 170ml with a simple black and white label on. I think I prefer the new one. Although it’s much smaller than the first version, the look is much better, plus it has purple borders!

Don’t you think this packaging looks a little ‘old school’? In a good way, of course. This 150ml bottle has that ‘all natural’ vibe going on, which fits the whole concept on what this brand stands for. Klair’s is Eco-friendly and no harsh chemicals in their products. And they don’t test on animals, too!

Just one of the reasons why I’m a big fan of this brand.

You can check more on Klair’s here. 

Image via

I can definitely say that switching to organic or all natural products in the last few months was one of the best choices I made since my skin has improved dramatically. My beauty routine consists of very simple steps, which includes two of Klair’s products, Rich Moist Soothing Serum and now the Supple Preparation Facial Toner.

Swatches, Texture & Smell

I had to keep my hand steady so it wouldn’t spill as it really is just like water, but you can certainly feel that slightly thicker consistency.

And what an amazing smell! I would never get tired of it. It has a very subtle scent to it — a scent of clean and freshness. Not overpowering nor distracting after application.

And it will certainly leave your skin hydrated and properly moisturized, as shown above. Sorry about the ligthing, I was literally under it hence the change of color and tone of my hand. It was the best way to capture how nourishing and not drying this toner is.

And of course, we want to know the price, don’t we? Because if it comes with a hefty price tag, I probably would switch back to tap water again! Alas, this one is not only Eco-friendly, it’s also purse-friendly!

For 150 ml at $10.99 only (around £7), it’s more than reasonable.


Having a combination/oily skin type, this toner has definitely helped a lot to balance my skin condition. Overall, my skin feels softer after each tone and I much prefer this compare to the ones I’ve tried in the past, plus this is within my budget.

I’d say that this would suit any skin type and will also help those with troubled skin and redness, as this is also calming and soothing to the skin.

Why not check this product out and see if it’s right up your alley? You can read more details or buy it here. 


What’s your favourite facial toner? Share your thoughts on Klair’s Toner. Or feel free to share your experience with different toners that have come and go.


24 thoughts on “Review: Klair’s Supple Facial Toner. A Very Gentle Toner That Will Nourish Your Skin.

    • Hun, you would absolutely love this! Yes, it’s available in the US, in fact worldwide. Give me a buzz if you would like to purchase one, I have a few discount codes I’ve not used from my recent shopping at hahah so might as well someone uses this. I love organic and animal-friendly products defo x

  1. I always love your reviews on products! They’re always fabulous and organic and very affordable. I’m currently using a Dior toner but another favourite of mine is Shiseido. They do a wonderful range of moisturizers and toners. xoxo

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