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Pink Friday #1: Let’s Paint The Blogosphere Pink!

This is ‘Blog Pink’ Campaign’s first pink-ified Friday post to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Let’s spread the word and tell everyone that being breast aware plays an important role to fighting this dreaded disease as early as possible. There is hope. And there’s lots of support out there, and here. If we have to go all pink this year and for many years to come to beat breast cancer, then let’s all do it!

If you’ve not done so, please take a moment to read my first post on ‘What is Breast Cancer’ and the many ways that you can do to detect it. And don’t forget to visit these girlies blog to see how they’re making a difference.

Also check out this page that I’m dedicating to the wonderful and supportive bloggers, who kindly put up the ‘Blog Pink’ badge — here. 

Whether you’re from Blogger or WordPress — whichever platform you hail from — when it comes to a good cause, we all ‘Blog Pink’ together.

Please Like or Comment on their blog to show your ‘thumbs up’ on how their little gestures are appreciated and will make a difference. 🙂

Now then, let’s paint this post pink, shall we?

Well done LeaLea! We love your take on going pink! You definitely are spreading the word! Please check out LeaLea’s blog at LeaLeaHo.co.uk 

And you want to check this post to find out what a good friend will do in the name of giving support. 

Wave ‘Hello’ to Jing at huajingblogs.com for kindly sending me this Instagram the other day. Pink flower is power!

Oh yes we love that pink badge, too, Naomi! Visit her site and her post on Breast Cancer Awareness at bewitchery.wordpress.com

Brani at That’s Just Lovely shows her support with that lovely pink dress, a smile and a thumbs up!

Bree certainly knows how to ‘Wear & Blog Pink!  You’ll see if you check her ‘Think Pink’  post at The Urban Umbrella.com

Lisa at Mademoiselle Snow certainly loves Pink and Dior! I call her  now Pink Dior Gal. Check out her post – Go Pink this October.

And when you say ‘Pink’ these girls below will ‘Paint’! Check out their mani-pink-tacular work!

Crystal from The Crystal Chronicles made her contribution by also posting about Breast Cancer Awareness on her blog. Please visit her — here.

A wonderful contribution for a good cause from Keeley. Took 10 minutes to make? Mine would take all day!

Check her site out at talesofnailsx.blogspot.co.uk

And who said Pink can’t be sweet? Check out below.

Say hello to Angie from The Charmed Cupcake, who’s also waving pink cupcakes on her blog! I’m a big fan of cupcakes and Angie happened to be the Goddess of Cupcakes! So I made her this little pink header 😉

(Ok, wayyy to many cupcake words here! haha)

(background provided by her)

Pink contribution* from KJ at KJAndersen.wordpress.com  & Pink Macaroons by Sophie at PeachMilkyTea.wordpress.com. Don’t forget to check out her site.

*picture from Etsy.com

My pink glittery ribbon from my local Cancer Research UK charity shop. Pink and glitters go together. 

Give Sarah’s lifeinabreakdown.com a big HUG & LOVE for helping out in spreading the word and letting me guest post for the very first time!

And lastly, my first ever attempt to use this chalk-tastic set I bought from my local Cancer Research Charity Shop for £2.95. 
I know I really suck at ‘hands on’ DIY but this was fun to do plus chalk all over the place!


Until next Pink Friday! I will be sharing with you the great finds from the charity shop/s that I took home, and how these little purchases will contribute towards a good cause. Also more details on how breastfeeding can actually prevent breast cancer with some statistics.

P.S. Don’t forget to browse around and come back tomorrow for my October Featured blogger. Hint: It’s going to be oh-so-frugaliciously awesome!


** If you’ve talked about ‘Pink’ and have raised awareness on your blog, please feel free to share your link below so us girls can check it out. Want to join ‘Blog Pink’ for next Friday’s pink-ified post? All you have to do is share your link below (once is enough) and then tag me in your post next Friday! Plus others can then visit your blog from here, too! **


35 thoughts on “Pink Friday #1: Let’s Paint The Blogosphere Pink!

    • Thank you my love! Really appreciate it. And apologies for not replying sooner. Do give me a nudge once you’ve done your pink post so I can put your link as well on my Pink Friday post. 🙂

  1. Hi Donah, this is amazing and a praiseworthy act! I couldn’t join earlier for some personal reasons, but definitely will this week. I’ve shared it on facebook and hope many other girls will join us too.

    • Thanks Mel! You’re so cool! You’re always here when you’re over there (meaning blogger) hehehe really appreciate your support. If you want to do some guest posting on my blog to showcase your love for nails and coffee, give me a buzz or email me, I always have a spot for you 😉

      • Thank you very much, I feel so honored! As soon as my poor little nails recover I can make notd or something like that 😉
        Feel free to do the same, you know I’ve already invited you 🙂

  2. Hi D! I just tear up when I see posts like these, you know, promoting cancer awareness, don’t know why but I do. I think it’s awesome that you’re blogging about it, along with the other bloggers, and when I do find time I’d love to do a post or three about it, I don’t want to do a quicky something. Keep on blogging sunshine 😀

    • Aww bless you. I know what you mean my friend. I always feel like this and I think that is our utmost and deepest sympathy kicking in right there. I hope that we can do even better than just blogging about it, but definitely with everyone together, this will raise awareness and hopefully make that little difference. You let me know once you’ve done, and I’ll link you up on my next Pink Friday post. 🙂

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