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October: Hot Frugalista, Who? I mean Haute Frugalista ;-) – Featured Blogger

It’s that time again for Sweetjellybean.com’s monthly Featured Blogger!

I’m very excited to have the privilege to present to you this wonderful blogger and friend.

When it comes to support, she’ll shower you with loads along with great ideas for your blog. She’ll tell you shyte if it’s shyte (yeah we say that to each other — haha). She doesn’t hold back, and that’s what I like about her, honest and very upfront. We don’t want those going ’round the bush nonsense.

One day we finally called each other as ‘legit’ friends, which actually made me laugh but now that I think about it, we are actually legit. We don’t only talk about blogging, we talk about life and how being a Mom is not all fun and games. She’s your cool pretty Momma, a multi-tasker, a fashionista – she’s the real Haute Frugalista! ♥

And as a tradition, I always asked my featured blogger questions related to blogging, since it’s just good to know what their perspective towards it, so here are the two questions I asked her along with her answers:

Over to you Dee!

What made you decide to blog?

I love writing, so I thought blogging would be a great way for me to share my ideas and thoughts on fashion. My field it’s linguistics, yes! I’m kinda nerdy, so I began a blog in 2010 where I wrote about linguistic research and different educational topics. I loved it but at some point decided that I wasn’t as happy writing about it, as I was browsing shopping sites! Enter lifestyle blogging! The best way for me to merge my passion for creative writing and my love for all things fashion, beauty and savvy-shopping.

Any blogging tips you can share with us?

Well, I have shared quite a few tips on my blog. From the necessary tools for a successful blogger to ways to reach an audience. I have learned many things since blogging. First, that it’s an awesome community made of creative and inspiring people like you my dear reader! I have learned that it’s very important to engage with readers and fellow bloggers as a way to
connect with them, but also as a way to gain feedback about your writing style and blog concept. Something really important is to blog about what you love, believe in what you write about and have fun with it. Never compromise your blog’s integrity for sponsorships or quick deals, if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t agree to it because you might risk driving your audience away.

Of course, it would be wrong not to present some of Dee’s wonderful outfits that I simply love. And luckily she was more than willing to include description on each of the outfit to give us a little idea on when and where this would suit you. These outfits are easy to put together and well, it wouldn’t cost you the earth! Make sure you scroll further to see how she’s also contributing for a good cause this month.

Big smile everyone!

Drenched in Gold LBD!: The loose fitting style and gold accessories are great for a happy hour at a lounge or bar. It could work for the office if worn with a structured blazer on top! The pastel toned clutch gives a soft pop of color to the outfit while the belt adds shape to the dress..

Biker Chick Meets Bohemian Babe: everything about this outfit screams fun! from the colorblock to the fur/leather jacket. This is perfect for a shopping date or errands. If worn with heels, it could work for a nice lunch with friends!

>;>;side note: I really love that bracelet thingy she has, whatever one calls it.:-)

Turn It Up or Down: This outfit can be toned up or down. The grey jeans give a casual yet stylish vibe, while the top has enough embellishments to take it from day to night. The bright crossbody works for the concert scene. Add heels and a clutch for a fun girls night out at a casual lounge or gallery.

Clearly Laidback: This is the ensemble that every girl living in warm weather must have! Beige linen pants and a delicate cotton tank (not ribbed!) with great lucite and silver accessories and some sparkly sandals. Ideal for a stroll in the park, a nice picnic or for an afternoon in the beach or pool.

Effortlessly Polished: This the go-to outfit for any young mom or girl on-the-go. It looks classy and sexy yet refined. The shoes add a great touch while the light embellishments keep it fun without making it club ready. It works for a nice dinner at a tapas or vino place, a drink with friends or a date, or a home gathering.

>;>;This is what I love about her style, it’s always a matter of class not cash, like she always said!

Did you know that Dee is a big supporter of Fashion for A Cause and also raising awareness for breast cancer this month?

Check our her latest post here and find out how you can actually contribute to make a difference.

Don’t you agree that this should be the picture she needs to blow up for Expo Gallery Event (Fashion for a Cause) she’s attending?

>;>;I just admire how Dee is always beaming with a smile and rocking whatever outfit she wears! When in reality this chic right here is always busy and running around to fulfill her role being a Mom, wife, stylist, event planner, writer for different columns, and then she has a blog as her hobby! I don’t know how she does it, but still she always has a reason to smile — the killer smile I should say. And who doesn’t want those luscious hair? If you want to know how she achieves that mermaid-like hair, click here.

And that’s our October’s Featured Blogger! Thank you everyone. Please give Dee’s Haute Frugalista’s blog some love and say hello to her. This Momma will never let you down, she’ll always cheer you up, so you definitely want her blog on your worth-reading blog list.

Head on over at www.hautefrugalista.com – Congratulations Dee, for always being awesome!

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14 thoughts on “October: Hot Frugalista, Who? I mean Haute Frugalista ;-) – Featured Blogger

  1. OMG!!! This is too awesome!!! I feel so incredibly honor to be the futured blogger and most of all to hear all those kinds things about me!! youre much to sweet and thoughtful and im beyond grateful to call you my friend!!!! this has totally made my day!!!

    • Dee! How on earth have I not replied to this!
      Well, you know you’re awesome through and through. You deserve this post! Hope all is well from your end and place is spotless hahah xx

  2. She is great friend with a nice,elegant ,innocent and charming personality. She has the best qualities of both heart and soul.She is great supporter of her friends.I am so proud to be her friend in this world of internet and blogs.I wish her all the success,happines,peace all through her life….All the best my friend !

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