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Sink In & Say Ahhh… with Leor’s Bath Milk & Body Lotion.

Combo Review

Let me get this checklist out to make sure you’re on the right post, ok?

Do you love chocolate? 

Do you love to eat it? 

Drink it? 

Would love to smell like one? 

If you’ve said no to all of the above, then it’s obvious that chocolate doesn’t quite rock your boat. However, if you know someone who loves chocolate and you want to treat them because they’re special, then read more. This might just be the products that would brighten up their day, and good on you for being so thoughtful!

I’m sure that right about now you need some assistance on what to get your loved ones for Christmas, right?

These products are part of Leor’s head to toe *pamperation box that’s choc-full of goodness, the FeelGood Box Choctasy. This box was sent to me a few weeks ago to try out so I could share my own experience on this with my readers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then click here first.

*Pamper + Relaxation

Sink In… with Chocolate Truffle Bath Milk

It’s a fact. I have a weakness for chocolates, although I don’t pig out on them. But when it comes to hot chocolate, I just melt. With chocolate flavoured or scented beauty or skincare products however, it’s a different story. I find the ones you get from your local drugstore to be a little bit overpowering, hence I’ve been keeping myself away from them. It gets a little bit too sickly if the smell doesn’t go away after hours of you putting on the product.

On the other hand, Chocolate Truffle Bath Milk seems to be playing its own game, and it’s winning me so far.

The Bath Milk doesn’t have any overpowering smell, glad to say. Instead, you will mistake it for a yummy chocolate milkshake!  I’m not your bath-soaking enthusiast, as I prefer a nice hot shower, but this would be a lovely treat to those who love to unwind, sink in, and just feel that ‘me-time’ moment while munching on a chocolate bar with tea lights all around you!

Sounds like a nice treat, don’t you think?

And yes, this FeelGood Box does come with 150g of luxurious Milk Chocolate Bar and 3 tea lights (in the small box) to complete that relaxation experience.

Please tell me that doesn’t look like chocolate milkshake to you? A chocolate milkshake with tons of milk! haha

And no… that’s not a tequila shot glass, or any shot glass for that matter, although it looks like one, doesn’t it?

The formula left my skin surprisingly soft, although I’m not sure if it cleansed me thoroughly though. Nonetheless, it was a unique, first-time ever experience of smelling like a freshly made hot chocolate, I kid you not.

Indulge… yourself in Chocolate Truffle Body Lotion

And to complete this post, moisturized your skin with Chocolate Truffle’s Body Lotion for the ultimate pamperation. With natural Vitamin E and olive oil that will help hydrate your skin.

Pump dispenser makes it easier to access with less mess plus it can be unscrewed so you can get the last blob out!

For those hazel nut lovers, you would probably flock on this one as it has that distinctive smell, which I quite like. Reminds me of Nutella a lot − Angie from The Charmed Cupcake would love this and Dee from Haute Frugalista!


One quibble though is that it takes time to absorb due to its thicker formula, so you need to be a bit more patient with it, (fairly similar to Dr Organic’s Vit.E Serum I reviewed) but certainly the result on how your skin feels smoother and the ahh-mazing aroma, is simply worth the rub.

Did you know that Leor does not test on animals? Plus all their products are paraben and sulfate free, with natural ingredients sourced within the UK? That’s right. You’re not only treating yourself to feel good, you’re also being good to your skin, inside and out.

So, if you’re feeling generous and want someone to squeeee with glee, then perhaps you want to get The FeelGood Box Chocolate Truffle, which is £45 for the whole set! Check here and navigate Leor’s newly improved website.

Otherwise, if you’re only looking to try out one of these products, you can also purchase them individually.

♥ Chocolate Truffle Bath Milk at £12.00 for 150 ml — more details here.

♥ Chocolate Truffle Body Lotion at £11.00 for 150 ml — more details here.

On a side note, I’m sure if you buy the Bath Milk, grab a few tea lights from Wilkinsons for £1.00 plus a bar of Aero, you’ll be good to go for some ‘me-bath-time’.



P.S. Make sure you wander around again since next time it will be about grooming your hair and loving your feet with chocolate and a hint of mint! Choc and mint just go together like peanut butter and jelly. Also more details on my hit-and-miss product/s.


24 thoughts on “Sink In & Say Ahhh… with Leor’s Bath Milk & Body Lotion.

  1. Hi D!! This looks really good, I’m not a chocoate lover myself BUT I do love a nice hot chocolate and the smell is sooo yummy! I think my husband will love this one, he LOVES chocolate!! and baths! So this is so perfect for him!
    Big hug ❤

    • Oh, now you gotta treat your hubby with this lovely Bath Milk! hehe, an early Xmas present 😉

      P.S. Message me 😀

    • Indeed! I love the winter or rainy days, they’re the perfect times where I can have a valid excuse to treat myself with hot chocolate haha x

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