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What’s New, Hot, and Not!: October Blog Updates

Hello October! I know we’re literally on the 10th day of this month, but I didn’t want to just forget about this monthly updates that I started back in September. And as they say, it’s better late than never!

So what’s been going on? As you all know it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I’m pretty sure you’ve gone all pink already or have seen enough pink virtually and in your 3D social life. But don’t stop there, when it comes to going pink and making that little difference. It’s very inspiring to see the response and support I received with ‘Blog Pink’ campaign and how everyone is spreading the word, by raising awareness and also contributing a little towards the charities they support, some are even planning to do a walk for a good cause, like Leslie at! Go, Leslie!

If you’ve not caught up yet with how my September panned along, do check out my recent ‘Round ‘Em Up‘ post. 

So, here we go!


  • Eureka! Found my ‘theme’!

You must have noticed how I changed my blog theme like a chameleon, although I can assure you that this month’s change is all for a good cause! Also, I think I’m now settling with this particular theme ‘Sight’ and have been thinking of finally getting it customized (paying for it!) It’s straightforward, featured images look exactly the same (shape, size) and clear readability. Plus, you have this wonderful post slider to showcase some of your posts. Neat, huh?

  • Rating my review using a point-based system — ongoing

Although I was skeptical at first about putting a rate on each of my review after trying it out in one of the posts, I think of considering this now moving forward, and will be sticking to an overall rating. 

I’ve been doing my best to present my reviews visually to give you more insight about the product not only through my ramblings. And as I mentioned, all products that I will put up here are either purchased with my own money, or those I’ve suggested for the brands or companies to send me. I feel that if the products don’t fit the content of my blog, why bother? Right? 


  • Sweetjellybean got its first international sponsor!

I’ve been meaning to share this wonderful news to everyone here, but if you don’t know me by now, I’m your type who doesn’t like to spill the beans unless she’s got it all confirmed. And now, here we go! – a Korean-based company, finally considered this little blog to review their products on a regular basis (ie once or twice a month) plus get involved in any upcoming projects on their side, which means any opportunity that I can get everyone on board if possible, then you’ll be the first to know!

What I love about this affiliation/sponsorship (however you want to call it) is the fact that I got to know them as a customer first (and still is) and I continued to buy and use their products as they have made a difference to my skin, including AJ’s (bought their Bubble Bon Bon recently for him), otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. Same thing goes with the brands I have on my sidebar, hence I only labelled four as well-loved. 

Plus, when it comes to Korean products, food, dramas, music (Gangnam style!) and culture, I’m your biggest fan. Of course, it doesn’t mean I like everything and I’m just going gaga over it, but it certainly has a place in my heart. 

So stay tuned beantastic followers, and thank you very much for your support.

  • Blogger, how transparent can you go?

This topic is hotter and selling like hotcakes (cheesy, I know)! I will be touching on this serious topic at some point, although not now as I’ve seen many posts on this already in just a span of two days! But I have some questions I want to leave my loyal readers, followers, and fellow bloggers, in fact, let’s even add any brands or companies who might stumble upon these questions through this post…

How transparent should a blogger go? Do you really need to know the ins and outs of someone else’s blog and using the phrase because ‘honesty is the best policy’? Is drawing that line of transparency and privacy being dishonest on a blogger’s part? How is an honest post being determined or judged for that matter? Don’t you think that ‘jelly people’ are the ones who really want to poke their nose around so they can copy you and perhaps shortcut their success?

There, thought I’d let that out. Share your opinion and in my next post on this subject, I will feature your statement/opinion including a link to your blog, since it means to me for you to partake on this.

  • The Lucky Bean will be announced on…

Surprise!!! It will be around the second week of November as help will be here then. 🙂 So you will get a lovely email/message to say you’ve won my Lucky Bean! And I will follow it up with a big announcement letting the blogosphere know!  

Later on this week, I will feature a sneak peek of what the prize will be, just to give you something to get excited about this month. haha

  • Enjoying the company of this Fabulicious Mommas!

As some of you might know already, I’ve joined  Mommalicious Mammas! A community for Moms made by Moms. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know everybody, who bring a smile to my face whenever we keep in touch tweets! The likes of @Sheldene_ZA @BabyBugsnBerrie and Lisa @mommaliciousmom . And of course, two of these Mommas, if not all, are jellybean fans!

So if you’re a Momma, Mom-to-be, or know someone, who might be interested to join this wonderful community, then let them know. They have weekly forum or chats that would certainly be helpful to a lot of parents out there. Support is tremendously awesome in this group. 

  • Facebook was a let down

Need I say more? Check this post

On a brighter note!…

Sleep training is going well! Little AJ (who’s not little anymore in my eyes) now sleep like a good boy even without me lulling him. And who needs sleep training these days? Me!  I’ve been sleeping later than normal preparing much better pics for reviews and going over drafts and although I am enjoying it, it seems now that sleeping late is becoming a habit! Slap my wrist! Not good. So I decided to have Mondays as my day off from now on! No-blogging Monday, I’d say. Let’s see if I don’t get tempted though. 

More DIY’s to come for your blog, and will be about the little details you need to tweak that will make a difference. 


Here’s to the Fun, Sweet and Inspirational Bloggers out there! 

So, what’s new, hot, or not on your blog? Feel free to share. 


36 thoughts on “What’s New, Hot, and Not!: October Blog Updates

    • Thank you Mari! Must share positive vibes I’d say. I think it’s better that way. Happiness is best shared, you know. 🙂

  1. Hi D, CONGRATULATIONS with the affiliation with WishTend 😀 I am sure it will all go well as you do such a fantastic job and their products are great (thanks for the samples). oOOoO yes too many late nights, we should cut back on our midnight tweets 😉

    • Thank Ange! and appreciate your never ending support all the time. I also hope for things to go smoothly but I’m also ready for a bumpy ride ;-). Glad you’re liking the samples, we must indulge you so you can laugh without ‘cracking’ if you know what I mean hahah xx I think midnight tweets need to get cancelled out to have our beauty sleep LOL

    • You’re welcome Sheldene! 🙂 Hope all goes well with your new blog 😉 Give me a buzz if you need anything. xx

    • Thank you so much. It means a lot to hear this from a fellow blogger, who’s also oozing with positivity. It’s nice that way, you know, since it always comes around, what goes around, I believe. 🙂
      Thank you 🙂 Hope I can indulge you with some of their products more this time.

    • I must find that Popcorn Jellybean you’re talking about. I love popcorn with a passion, my sweet/salty treat when I was pregnant, I was persuaded by my hubby that it’s good for me! hahaha So you know, preggy lady pigged out on popcorn haha

  2. Congrats on the first sponsor!! Wooohoo! I believe being transparent to the readers is a way of building trust as well, and building a relationship. As we read, we like getting involved and nothing is more involving like what ‘s really happening on the other side…
    As you can see, I am out of Australia, back in Thailand now for some weeks, and with internet going 🙂 Keep those jelly beans jumping! Amazing job you are doing!!

  3. Congrats with Wish Trend!!! So you’ve decided to go with the custom design, I see, indeed the writing is better now. Oh and your theme! A couple days ago I saw something was looking different and just couldn’t put my finger on what had changed but then I scrolled over and saw you switched to Sight from Origin.

    Your ‘Jelly pad’ is looking good and I’m loving the slider, it looks professional to me. I’m glad to hear little gumdrop is sleeping well now, that must have been the most difficult part, huh? Well I don’t know exactly what you could do to get you back to your normal time. Maybe if you gradually ease back hour by hour every few days till you get back to what ever time you used to go to bed before and I think warm milk is conductive to sleep (make it chocolate milk 😉 )

    I was thinking about not only reviewing books but also the various brands of hot chocolate I’ve been using and the ones I want to try out. Yogurt too, I love the stuff! What do you think? Of course, I’ll be doing this very much later until things cool down.
    And umm … I didn’t really get what you were saying about transparency, could please you please make it a little bit clearer?

    • Thank you Divine! I so love having you on my blog with your heartwarming comments. I know you’ve been busy lately but you always find time to drop by. It’s been manic here and in my 3D social life with baby now my little guy.

      Oh, I’ve not paid Custom Design yet, this is still DIY, but the theme is different and I quite like the setting. It’s not as busy as before and it’s more proportion now with the images and other things. I’m telling you I have OCD when it comes to this hahah.

      With so many things going on, I’ve been sleeping late, not good. I’m doing my best to be more organized in the morning, but it’s a work in progress haha.

      Awesome, hot chocolates would be so good.. oh my! I’d be all over your blog hunting for that ahhh–worthy hot coco. And bring in the yogurt as well! It’s healthy and we want that. 😉

      Oh, blog transparency refers to when you have brands or companies giving you products to review and you’re supposed to declare on your blog that that’s for review purposes. So if you got paid for writing a post, then you’re supposed to say that as well. To be honest, it’s one of those things or rules that everyone has a different opinion on. And there are no standard rules that have been implanted on this either, bloggers are just making their own and spreading that.

  4. Hey D! Wow Congrats on your first sponsor hun! Your always so full of energy and happiness which it really contagious, at least for me it is. Lol too many late night tweets hey~ xoxo

  5. congrats on working with WishTrend! Super cool 🙂 About bloggers, I believe in honesty and transparency as a way to build trust with readers because otherwise, I think I would be just like another brand/company blog. I don’t think we need to share every single detail, but certainly the important ones. It really depends on the topic, I think. x

    • Hi Tianna! Thanks hun. And yes, I completely agree with that you said here. Trust is very important when it comes to true blogging. I think others just seem to forget that there’s still privacy even when it comes to blogging, but some want to cross that. Certainly, it all depends on the topic. On a side note, you’re one of the best beauty/skincare bloggers that I really believe in, saying things with no BS included. 😉

      • Hiii D! 😀 I def. agree with that. There is a fine line we have to kind of tight rope across haha. Thank you for being so kind! On a side note, you’re my favorite momma blogger evaahh xx

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