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PF #2: Pink Finds All For A Good Cause. And What’s The Greatest Gift Of Them All?

Woohoo! Pink Friday is here. We all look forward to this day for many reasons, but one reason that I do, is because I can pink-ified this blog as there’s nothing like a pink blog on a good cause!

We’re still raising awareness while others have been contributing and blogging loud and pink. It’s so inspiring to see how much support you actually get virtually. For once, to me, it feels like we’re all on this together. I went down to my local charity shop yesterday — Cancer Research UK — to ask some questions about fundraising! Oh yeah! Every little helps, I’d say. And don’t we all love to raise funds for such a good cause?  So please watch this space on how we can all get involved.

Lets not only #blogpink, let’s raise this pink higher and really make that difference. On a side note, I’m not your type to force people to donate, I think donations should come from the heart and not because you feel obligated, or forced for that matter. If you contribute but feel that way, then you really are missing the whole point and the true essence of giving.

So, what have I been up to? Or what have I been thinking ‘pinkin’ about? 😀 Well before we get to that, here’s this wonderful post from Liss at latinolook.com,  or I should say Dr Liss. She’s a doctor by day or night and moonlights as a beauty blogger from time to time. Her blog has also been featured on blogsbylatinas.com, along with Dee, from hautefrugalista.com

Liss speaks both Spanish and English. I was very pleased when she shared this wonderful post on detecting the early signs of breast cancer. Please click the image to be taken to her original post.

12 Signs of Breast Cancer, Revealed.

Also, take a moment and read these girlies contribution — their heartwarming and inspiring stories — when it comes to fighting this dreaded disease. Please show your support by visiting their blog.

Ladies, thank you for waving the ‘Blog Pink’ badge on your blog.

So here are just some of the pink finds I stumbled across from charity shops, which I decided to take home, as my way of giving a little bit more.

*With these images, I thought I would revisit Pixlr Express and finally try all the Effects feature along with transforming some of them using Color Splash. You’d be surprised what you can achieve!


Things I stumbled across…

I’m proud of my Pink glittery ribbon. Have you got yours yet?

While browsing my local charity shop, I came across these little things that you can also purchase.

And as I went to M&Co in town, I then discovered this wonderful The Body Shop’s goodies that are used to raise money to go to Cancer Research UK. I left with a smile, a ticket in my pocket and my fingers-crossed!

More ‘pink’ finds I took home with me from Cancer Research UK…

Wonderful chalk set I bought. I just wish that I had more creativity in me and artistic side, but there you go. 😀

What I can only call my ‘greatest’ pink finds of all time! Brand new, unscathed, LYDC bag from my local charity shop. Yes, I just had to take it home. 🙂

First thing I saw when I came into the shop… and I made these pair of heels stood out in this pic. Shame as they’re too big for me!

A cute bag charm for your favourite bag? Perfect!

And lastly, but certainly not the least…

This bracelet resonates what this whole world should be all about… LOVE.

Whether one is going through tough times or simply beaming with the sweetest smile, please know that LOVE will always be precious to someone’s heart, especially those who really need their hearts lifting up!

Let’s not only ‘Blog Pink’, let’s also share some LOVE, the greatest gift of them all.

Thank you for following my little bean blog and for your heartwarming support, as always. I hope to give more every time I publish a post!

Have a funtabulous Friday everyone!


21 thoughts on “PF #2: Pink Finds All For A Good Cause. And What’s The Greatest Gift Of Them All?

  1. Hi D thank you very much!! I love you pink finds! The charm is really cute! The chalk set has to be the best!! Big hug ❤

    • Thank you Mel! Yes, I’m also loving the bag and I’ve not even unpacked it yet, I’m protecting it LOL.

    • I love to surprise you! I only linked this to your blog url so I don’t think you would get a pingback of some sort unless I did it with one of your posts. but hey, Surprise!! haha xx

  2. My way of supporting this great cause is buying products that claims that they give some percent to this great cause. I love doing this and i will do it forever.

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