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Say NO to ‘Ben’!

Ben who? First of all, I would like to apologize to those who are called Ben, I certainly don’t have anything against you. 😉
So who is this ben that I speak of anyway?

I’m talking about Parabens.

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation 

The most widely used chemicals as preservatives in cosmetics, foods and drugs that pose harmful effects to our health. These are sometimes found in your makeup, shampoo, moisturizers, shaving products and hair care products. In fact, the list could go on but then you’d be here on my blog all day, not that I don’t like that. 
Parabens, are manmade preservatives that are very cheap to make and easily available. For these reasons, they’re used in so many products to fight bacteria, mould, or fungus from developing, hence increasing the product’s shelf life and stability, even though there are alternative preservatives out there.
The six widely marketed parabens are, methylparabenethylparabenpropylparabenisobutylparabenbutylparaben, andbenzylparaben.

A big disappointment from Aveeno Baby’s Soothing Relief Moisture Cream – no longer a favourite.

But the question is, is it worth taking the risk of subjecting yourself to possible health issues when it can be prevented in the first place?
People still argue that the evidence is so scant when it comes to its possible link to cancerous disease, but do you really want to take your chances? I hope not. But there you go.

What am I fretting about?

Many studies show that parabens are linked to organ system toxicity, reproductive and fertility problems, birth and developmental defects, and endocrine (hormone) disruption.
And to those who are fully aware of this preservatives, it might not be a surprise to you that parabens are also linked to cancerous cells, as it mimic estrogen —  contributing factor in breast cancer. Some say that the proof provided for this statement is insufficient  but then again, one could say that your body and health should not be put in ‘ I shall take my chances’ situation since at the end of the day, these things cannot be undone once you’re in a much dire circumstances.
Plus if there’s actually a natural occurring preservative/s (Vitamin E is a perfect example, it’s a natural preservative and also has many health benefits), then why still opt for the man made ones deemed to be harmful?  Oh yes, I forgot, it’s cheaper and easier to make.
I used to not fret about these things, which at some point would make me a big hypocrite, but having my son was the big wake up call or an eye opener for me. There are just things in life that you can’t ignore just because you think that you need to see to believe it, or that you’ve not been given enough proof to bin you’re favourite moisturiser, lipstick, toothpaste, shampoo etc…
If different type of research has been going on for years about these chemicals, with results not favourable, doesn’t it mean that indeed,they are harmful to us in the long run?

Lush’s Feeling Younger Skin Tint – and here’s their bit on Parabens and their views… here.
Parabens might be fighting the growth of bacteria and fungus to keep the freshness of our products intact, but what about us? And to think that there are so many paraben-free products now out there that we can all enjoy worry-free, yet we continue to buy the products that we shouldn’t.
But what’s written below is something we really need to ponder on…
In the end, it is the consumer who must decide.
Learn to read the labels and understand what’s going into your body.
Or allow the large cosmetic companies to earn more profits at your health’s expense.

The big question now is over to you, are you ready to say no to all ‘bens’ in your products? And bin them once and for all? Where do you stand?

Please note, that my well-loved brands/shops do manufacture paraben-free products, the likes of Dr Organic, Leor, Suti and wishtrend*.

*wishtrend, being a worldwide distributor of different Korean brands, do carry a variety of products/brands that do not contain paraben, although not all. 

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26 thoughts on “Say NO to ‘Ben’!

  1. This is a great post! I try and avoid parabens as well as some other nasty chemicals in products. They are extremely cheap and some people react to them, I dont but I point out in my blog posts the ingredients where ever possible. I think more people need to be conscious about what they are putting on their skin on a daily basis!! One thing to be careful about though is what some brands and products replace parabens with…..for example Jason Organics (and many more “natural” brands use Phenoxyethanol instead of parabens and this is (arguably) more dangerous! Its banned in Japan for possibly causing problems to the nervous system etc! I think I would rather use parabens than Phenoxyethanol!!

    You can read more about it here:

    • You know, I was like that too, and the change is going to take effect slowly, I’ve just been checking all my things this week. Luckily, few months ago I already threw most of my cosmetics, so all I have now are skin friendly and no nasties. But it’s worth checking things out.

  2. Part of me really wants to cut away these ingredients…but then it feels like it could be a daunting task indeed. Do you know any brands that don;t use them D? :O
    I will for sure check for them next time. >.<

    • I feel exactly the same Sophie, but it’s something that must be looked into. What sort of things are you looking for, then I can tell you some brands perhaps. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tips D! Going to start looking through my cosmetics now. Never use to look at the ingredients before. Thanks for making me more aware. It might be a little daunting to look through all the stuff though.

  4. Great review D! thank you bringing awareness about this matter, unfortunately we are surrounded of poison… not only make up, but in the food as well…even water with all the fluoridation laws… 😦

    • Thanks Liss! More like a friendly warning. hahah. I know what you mean with food and water… and I supposed what we can do from here onwards is take it one step and bad ingredient at a time. I know it’s easier said than done.

  5. I think this is a great post, a lot of people do not care about what they use and the effects of the ingredients, when they do care about what they eat! It takes just 14 seconds for what ever touches your skin to reach your blood stream where as it takes longer for food to digest!
    I do use products with parabens in, I will admit that but I try and avoid them when possible and I always try and include ingredients in my blog posts as I get annoyed that so many companies dont post the ingredients on their website.
    One thing to be wary of in “paraben free” products is what they are replacing the parabens with – often its Phenoxyethanol which is arguably dangerous – more dangerous than parabens! Its banned in Japan for apparently causing problems to the nervous system. Its sneaky of companies to replace parabens with something that is possibly worse, but come across like they are doing us good!! I know Jason use Phenoxyethanol a lot but always preach about being paraben free!

    Here is an article on Phenoxyethanol for more information

    I need to do a post on my blog soon about various ingredients we should aim to avoid, its on my “to be blogged” list!

    All the best and sorry for the long comment!


  6. You are right, it is important to read the ingredients, and if possible, avoid any processed food or products, there are simply too many chemicals we don’t have an idea of their effect towards our body..


  7. Completely agree with your post here. I too have been trying to find paraben free alternatives and try to point out if any products that contain parabens in blog post reviews I make so other readers can be aware. Thanks for the post

    • No problem Ange! To be honest, I’m slowly changing the products I use, especially little bean’s (although I have done so from the beginning with him) but it’s a slow transition and sometimes it can get very difficult when it comes to availability and prices of the alternatives. I might end up being broke if I’m not careful LOL

      • I actually remembered to look last night at one of the moisturizer I use and OMG I saw a paraben on there and the bottle was almost finished!! I was like ‘yikes’ I already used the whole bottle! Needless to say I won’t be buying that brand anymore 😉

  8. That is some great information to look out for all of my beauty products ! Thank you so much for your post ❤

    By the way hope you will win the Wishtrend Intro Event 🙂

    • Thanks Ken! And congrats for winning! I introduced wishtrend but since I’m technically their ‘ambassador’ here in the UK, I wasn’t allowed for more goodies anymore hahahha! Glad you win though, I’m sure you’re excited for Klair’s range. xx

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