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Blog Sale & Swap Gone Wrong.

I never knew there was such a thing as ‘blog sale’ or even a ‘blog swap’ until I started blogging! And although I saw many tempting blog sales around, I didn’t really jump on it right away until the other week. I was so excited when I made my first purchase. There’s nothing more exciting waiting for your goodies that you’ve purchased at bargain prices!
What do we have here. A perfect example of how not to pack your sold products. A shattered surprise. Literally. I was so happy when I came home to be greeted by this envelope on the floor, I couldn’t to open it, only to find this!

Attempting to use my nail remover pads on the products to see if I could save them. 😦

You can only imagined how I felt and what I did next! Yes, I took as many pictures as possible while trying to clean them up hoping I could keep them! Unfortunately, it was too messy and I almost cut myself with the broken Ciate’s nail polish glass. Silly me.
On a side note, when I emailed the seller, I did get a quick reply and got a refund (didn’t get refunded for shipping cost though) right away. And I’m only bringing this matter up so other sellers can learn that they need bubble wraps!! That’s what they’re there for, especially with nail polishes and anything breakable, even if you put them in a jiffy bag.
Lastly, please be very cautious when doing any type of blog swap, especially international ones. Yes I know we all make friends and start trusting others we’ve not even meet yet, but when it involves time, effort and money, you need to be very careful and know who you’re swapping with. Unfortunately, just like the real world, there are those  who will take advantage of your kindness virtually. There have been incidents, particular from an international blog swap that went completely wrong. I’m sure some of you might have heard of it, but all I can say is that, that beauty blogger who took advantage the thoughtfulness of that other blogger, shouldn’t be blogging anymore, or at least have the decency to say sorry, not just flaunt the goods she got and pretend that all is well!

Have you had any shopping experience similar to mine? Do share and the actions you’ve taken.


9 thoughts on “Blog Sale & Swap Gone Wrong.

  1. We sell on Ebay for over 12 years now, and all of our shipments go out heavily bubble wrapped and packed in peanuts! We know that our customers want to receive their items in good condition, so we take precautions in our packing to ensure that they get what they paid for, and all in one piece. Sorry you got your package in the condition it was in. That sucks!

    • It was very disappointing especially being my first blog sale purchase experience 😦 But now I’ve learned. If I did buy again, especially with nail polishes, I might tell the blogger to check this post hahah. You definitely are doing an excellent job when it comes to customer service. I’ve never had issues like this in the past and all my parcels even from abroad arrived in one piece, this was just unfortunate.

  2. This has happened to me too. I did a swap with a girl overseas and she sent nail varnish which wasn’t wrapped correctly and which burst over everything else 😦 I am always super careful when I wrap and use loads of bubble wrap (or a box if necessary) x

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear that. I don’t know why people can’t buy bubble wraps??? I bubble wrap everything hahah, just to make sure. I think it must be the cost because once it becomes bulky Royal Mail charges you extra even if it’s the same weight without the bubble wrap! It’s ridiculous.

  3. What a huge bummer!!! I save tons of bubble wrap from pkgs I get in the mail. Cheap AND green!!! Bubble wrap weighs nothing so it’s not as though its going to add cost.

    Boo on broken pretties!!!

  4. oh so sorry to hear about this D. I can just imagine your disappointment. I bagged my oil prize in a plastic bag then double, triple time with bubble wrap but I’m still always worried as the post is always so rough with stuff.

    • It was a disappointment since it was Ciate and Sephora haha, but it’s ok, I supposed it wasn’t really for me to begin with. I know about the post, I can only imagine what they actually with our parcels, maybe through them in the air or something, just like with our baggage at the airport! Terrible!

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