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Blog ‘n Raise It! Fundraising For A Cause. Join Us!

After the immense support from the bloggers, who participated the ‘Blog Pink’ campaign to raise breast cancer awareness for this month, I knew there was something else that could be done than just blogging about it. It may have taken weeks for me to finally pull that courage together, but when I got a reply from Cancer Research UK and the next step I could take, I felt inspired even more.
So, for the very first time, I would like to present to you what could be — with your support — the very first blog-based fundraising movement for a cause, created by a blogger, for all the bloggers, subscribers, readers, and those who believe  that the blogosphere has a ‘voice’ to inspire and spread the word, it’s called Blog ‘n Raise It! 
http://www.justgiving.com/Blog ‘n Raise It
If you ask me, is it not too late to fundraise, since we’re now in the middle of October?
Before we answer this question, let me share a story with you that I’ve not shared before.
My Dad, my other motivation to start this fundraiser…
He’s a fighter. He’s a cancer survivor. Diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, it was a big blow for us as a family, however it also brought us even closer together.  After a grueling year of non-stop chemotherapy, radiotherapy, boxes after boxes of medicine, he finally was able to pull through. However, middle of last year, while undergoing thorough check-up, they’ve seen another tumor growing in his throat, which if not taken action right way, could basically affect his speech and he wouldn’t be able to speak again. He was being admitted straightaway and went through series of chemotherapy session. We never stopped giving him support, we still are giving him that peace of mind that he is not alone even now. And my Dad never fails to give us a smile to let us know that it’s all going to be fine. He’s a fighter, just like I said. The treatment was a success once again, and he’s recovering very well and able to enjoy the company of his grandson, my little bean — my biggest inspiration to make a little difference.
And this is all because of the technology, the ongoing research, the many studies that have been conducted over the years that made it even more possible for us to be with him now. And who’s behind all of this? You! Yes, you.  Your contribution, your donation.
Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. Every pound/dollar you donate really does make a difference to Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work into preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. It is also the largest single funder of breast cancer research in the UK.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Please dig deep and feel the true essence of giving — it’s quick, easy and totally secure. You can even donate via your phone – simply download the JustGiving App if you’re in the UK. (Paypal and other forms of payment are also available.)
So if you ask me again, isn’t it too late to fundraise? Of course not! Whether Pink is still hyped up or not, the fight to beat cancer continues for those who are going through tough times.  It’s never too late to raise money for this cause, it’s never too late to raise money for any cause, for that matter.
So, do we have to stop just because Pink is no longer your thing?
If you would like to fundraise a charity from where you are and use ‘Blog ‘n Raise It’, then please let us know.  No matter where you are, being part of  ‘Blog ‘n Raise It’ means we have one goal, we fundraise for a cause.
So far, BnRI Team consists of wonderful bloggers from different parts of the world. Lisa (mademoisellesnow.wordpress.com) from Australia, Hannah (hannahackroyd,wordpress.com)  from the UK, and yours truly, Momma Bean. But we want more on board, so we can spread the word farther.
Bloggers, this is our time to really make an impact, we are doing this virtually, but know that we will be touching real lives.
Wherever you are, whatever you blog about, let’s give our support and show those who need their spirit lifting up, that WE are fighting with them.
Do you have what it takes, to blog and raise it?
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26 thoughts on “Blog ‘n Raise It! Fundraising For A Cause. Join Us!

  1. Such a lovely story Donah, I’m so glad your Dad has beaten cancer. When I post later in the week I will be talking about my Nanna who sadly lost her fight against cancer last year. I can’t wait to make my donation, it’s great to know that we are making a difference.

  2. It’s a great way to fundraise Donah and thank you for sharing your story! I’m not able to partake in this at the moment but always great to focus all the effort on you and the rest! 😀

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