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Something Sweet: Thank you, Sophie (Peach Milky Tea)

Bloggers like, comment and sometimes leave your blog.. But there are those who really stick by you just like glue… And those who simply shine because of their talent and willingness to share  without expecting anything in return.
If you’re one of my new followers, chances are, you weren’t able to see my Lucky Bean post, which means you also didn’t see this.
Or this…

These are Sophie’s work — the bean jars, I mean. Sophie, the lovely blogger behind Peach Milky Tea blog,  just said to me one day that she would make me a bean jar! Bloggers like her always restore my faith that indeed, there are still nice people out in the blogosphere, who are willing to share their ability with you without expecting or wanting something in return.
So the next cuties are definitely two of my favourites, for reasons that they’re of me and my little bean! Hehhehe.
Hello! from Momma Bean & Litte Bean
Sophie tells me that she’s still learning and sometimes feels that she’s no better. For someone who’s still learning, well, let me tell you this, she’s certainly doing very good to my eyes!
So if you want to customise yourself because you like the cute factor, then ask Sophie. She’s been baking macaroons, I mean digitally, and even started her  own Etsy shop!


And oh she has make up stuff too. So if you’re a beauty blog and would like to customise your header and add some glitz on it that no one would ever have, just ask Sophie. 🙂
Cute smiley ice cream? Yes, please!
Now, go treat your blog with those lovely macaroons, and while you’re at it, give your blog a quick touch up or make over before the ice cream starts melting! haha
Thank you, Sweet Sophie!

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