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L’Cret Magic Lipstick: Is it truly magic? You decide.

This picture contains filter and for introduction purposes only. See swatches below for color referral.

Finding the perfect lipstick — the one — can be quite a challenge when it’s literally raining lipsticks these days! But if you really look closely and know what you’re looking for, ingredients, SPF, color, lasting power, shimmer, glitter etc, I’m sure you will finally stumble across it.
In this post I will share with you my experience with this magic lipstick in Elegant Purple. The color-changing lipstick per swipe. Intrigue?
Would L’Cret Miracle Magic Lipstick live up to its claim and name? Or was it all just the promotional pictures talking?
Now before we proceed, if you’ve not read my introductory post on this brand L’Cret, then it would be best if you do, check here since this post will concentrate more on the result/s.
I must say, I’m more of a lipblam/gloss person since I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup. However, this ‘lipstick’ was just too tempting for me to not buy. Why? Because it’s not your ordinary drugstore lipstick you can get from Boots or anywhere else, it’s something I would not even dare compare with Maybelline Popsicle range  although I almost gave in when I smelt the citrusy and fruity scent of those popsicles! Honestly, they smelt yummy!
Still, when it comes to ingredients and SPF protection, L’Cret Magic Lipstick, would put a lot of the drugstore brands to shame. But hey! That’s just my opinion, at the end of the day, to see is to believe when it comes to lippies and find out if it’s the one for you, and I hope this post will help you with that.

I bought this after it was launched for the first time at for $18.40 (approx. £11.00), which probably a little bit more than what I would have liked to spend on a lipstick. But was it worth it in the end? Let’s see..

I love the elegant two-toned packaging  and purple metallic tube carrying the  lipstick. Something you wouldn’t feel ashamed pulling out of your bag for a quick touch up. Not your plain old boring lippy you find.
Seriously, I mean why couldn’t we have something like this? But then again, that’s just packaging. Let’s look  deeper and see if it does live up to its claim as per the promotional pics shown in my previous post.

I picked this color due to the fact that it’s called Elegant Purple! (You could say purple is my kryptonite)
Was I ready to go all out and purple-lized my lips? No. But this color did capture me right away. The word magic definitely fits for this lipstick since this is color-changing, depending on how many swipes you treat yourself. And basically, L’Cret is your 7 in 1 lip treat!
It’s your balm, gloss, tint, rouge, liner, lip treatment, and lip sunblock!

Taken with natural light…

For those who loves a natural-looking lips then this would be perfect. Just a hint of pink while having all the moisture you need, sun protection for your lips and basically no nasty ingredients. That sounds almost perfect, doesn’t it? But wait for it, you can go bolder!

If you like those lip-popping colors, and you want to stand out in a good way, then you might want to grab a few of L’Cret’s Magic Lipstick to suit your mood and taste! They’re made for you. Can you see how the colours changes and how it brought my dull looking lips to life?
One swipe is more than enough for me but if I want a hint of color, I do it twice :).  For this post, I put this lipstick to a challenge! I went bolder and brighter. This lipstick doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter but it’s surprisingly pigmented for a lipstick with a balmy texture.
Just have a look at the 4 hours later pic, that’s basically after I wiped it clean off my lips, had a shower, then had food and drinks. But it has stayed a little bit longer and gave my lips that much needed color without retouching.

with natural light…

I would have said that this is my perfect lipstick/balm/gloss and this would have joined my HG (holy grail) products, but one thing they forgot to mention about this lipstick is the after taste – a soapy-like taste. Ok, it smells nice more than anything and nowhere near disgusting, but the smell and taste are both noticeable. And the picky side of me just wasn’t going to have it. So as much as I wanted to use it every single day, I went easy on it.
But with the cold creeping in here Britain, I knew that my lips will need some rescuing, unless I want dry, cracked lips (ouch!). This is one of the many reasons why I didn’t throw this out. It really is very moisturising without the stickiness, compare to the ones I’ve tried in the past. Boujoir Paris, Revlon, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Etude House, just to name a few.
So if you’re not fuzzy, like me, about the soapy smell or taste, and you’re looking for that 7 in 1 lipstick, then you definitely want to grab at least one or two of this.
Finally, was this a good buy for me? Yes, and in fact, I wish I grabbed Exotic Yellow, too! Well, now you know what I want for Christmas. 😉

What’s your favourite lipstick? Do you have any lip treat to combat the cold this winter? Would you give this a try?

SHOPPING ALERT FOR BCA CAMPAIGN: Use code: BCASJB to get FREE SHIPPING at, and 5% of the sales profit by using this code will be donated by wishtrend to the current fundraising event ‘Blog ‘n Raise It!’. A very admirable gesture that wishtrend, a Korean company, is showing to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Go shopping for a cause!


28 thoughts on “L’Cret Magic Lipstick: Is it truly magic? You decide.

    • heheh, oh glad I could give that reaction. To be honest, it’s not really a lipstick, I mean they call it that but to me it’s more of a lip balm or gloss that gives that pigmented color if swiped more than once. It’s indeed moisturising. So I supposed being the way it is, sort of justified the price. Yes, Exotic Yellow is so cool! 🙂

      Don’t forget this October you can shop using code BCASJB and that’s free shipping included! 🙂

  1. Great concept! I’ll have to look into it for Christmas 😀 I’ve been using a lush lip scrub and Palmer’s coco butter formula lip butter for winter and you know my love of Dior products. And I have a favourite red from Chanel

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    • Hello! Thanks for dropping by and for the follow 🙂 Just did the same thing too! I’m sure you can get this lipstick over there and if not, you can always check There’s FREE shipping code you can use for the whole of October, feel free to use this BCASJB – I’m ordering my second magic lipstick as well heheh

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