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Pink Shopping Alert: Shop For A Cause *FREE Shipping Worldwide!

It’s Friday! And it’s Pink! I know this blog has been pink heavy since the beginning of October and as we are nearing the end of October, I thought I’d take the pink force up a notch!

I don’t believe that pink should fade away and be gone when we kiss October goodbye, but hey, I’m not here to tell you when or when not to go all pink, I’m here to raise awareness along with the bloggers who shared the same goal.

So, you want to make a little difference? You want your blog to finally represent something? How about standing up to cancer along with the many thousands of lives in the UK and abroad and beat cancer?

Then bloggers, let’s show what we can do, Blog ‘n Raise It!

Join the BnRI Fundraising Team consisting of bloggers from all over the world.

It’s so simple and easy to give, and it’s all secure. You have two options! You can donate straightaway at our fundraising page, or you can shop for a cause and treat yourself!

1. Make a difference, Make a donation.

Donate at www.justgiving.com/BlogNRaiseIt — from as little ast £1 or $1 or whatever your heart desires. And let’s make this contribution an inspiration for others to do the same thing. There are approx. 6.7 million (stats from NMIncite) people, who publish post on different blogging platforms and another 12 million on social networking sites, so just imagine that little contribution getting bigger and larger and saving many lives!

2. Shop For A Cause!

— you can now treat yourself or others and make a difference at the same time.

BnRI Team would like to thank Ryan & Eddie, the Founders of wishtrend.com, for joining and helping us raise money by providing this special code: BCASJB that you can use when you shop on their website for this month of October.

wishtrend.com, a Korean-based distributor of beauty/skincare products and goods,  will donate 5% of the sales profits by using the code above towards BCA – Cancer Research UK’s ongoing quest to find the cure for cancer. So please, with your custom and support, this is the most appropriate time to shop!

Authentic beauty and skincare products from Seoul straight to your doorstep. I have reviewed some of their best-selling products on this blog and as their long time customer (before I even started to review their products and became their affiliate), I know that their service is something I would recommend to anyone.

*FREE Shipping (worldwide) is provided when you use the code: BCASJB. 

Below are just some of the things you will find (they have a lot!) on their website from the best steals, some of my favourites to the must haves! Click any of the images and you’ll be taken to their respective link! Go Pink! Go Shopping!

1. Klair’s Facial Mist set for $6.99 only! 2. Skin79 BB Set – great for gifts for $17.50

3. Skin Factory 6 pcs Facial Mask for only $12.50! 4.Hello Everybody Bath & Body Lotion set $6.80 only!

If you want a bargain steal plus shopping for  a cause, then don’t miss this! Klair’s skincare set for $44 only! Consist for Toner, Serum and Soothing Cream, perfect for that ultimate skincare routine! Don’t forget to choose from their array of cleansers!

Just a few of my favourite BB creams. Elisha Coy, the newest brand launched at wishtrend.com, which you want to check out. If you want to create that effortless natural make up look, then see their BB range here.

You want a little bit of magic? Then check out L’Cret. Why not read my latest post on this lipstick here, and see if it’s truly magic?

Who hates blackheads or whiteheads here?? Just a few of wishtrend’s collection to help you say buh-bye blackheads! I’m currently using Ciracle Goodbye Blackhead, and for now all I can say is, I love my nose!

For the love of nails! Check out their collection!

Please don’t miss this Shop For A Cause event! This is a big opportunity for everyone to raise money while pampering yourself! It’s on for a limited time only until end of October. Use the code BCASJB so 5% of the sales profit will be donated by wishtrend.com to a good cause!

Help us beat cancer! Don’t forget to grab the badge from here to show what your blog stand up to!


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