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Special Edition: Round ‘Em Up with Cool Bloggers!

Hello November! Or New-vember for this blog, I’d say. This blog will be going through some major changes and improvement that I’m hoping I’ll be sticking forever! Kind of. Just a heads up, although I’ll be posting on a topic on this separately as well.
For now, let’s take a look into what I call ‘special edition’ Round ‘Em Up post! I know this should have been yesterday’s post but I completely did not realize that it was the end of the month already! I was not on this plane yesterday,  apparently.
This is a special edition because, instead of my own posts monthly round up, I decided to actually get a few of my cool blogger friends involved and get their post featured here! Why? So you can browse around and perhaps find more blogs to follow, of course!
So let’s peruse this post and see these bloggers most popular, most viewed or liked posts this October or of all times!
Can we get some November lovin’ please, my awesome readers?


The Best Face Primer for Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin: Korres Vitamin E Silicone-Free
Storybook Apothecary by Tianna
Etude House Fresh Cherry Lip Tint Review
Peach Milky Tea by Sophie
ciate caviar y velvet
Caviar y Velvet tercipelo
Latino Look by Liss
Have you brushed your skin lately?
Au Naturel Essence by Alia

Just Food

The Charmed Cupcake by Ange
An Austrian Autumn – Vegan Pumpkin Seed Oil Cupcakes
F00dventures by Kirsten
Spice it up: The basics when it comes to using herbs and spices

DIY Maven

Fall Decor at ‘My House’
House On The Way by Leslie 

Project Revamp: DIY Nail Polished Brooches
Cinnamon Spring by Saran


Haute Frugalista by Dee
Sunday Social Spotlight: Bellavita $85 Leather Wrislet Giveaway!
 Go Pink this October
Mademoisellesnow by Lisa
Embrace The Steam
Nerdy Girl Shops by Debbie
Love Me Jeans
I Love Green Inspiration by Mari
As for this good ol’ blog, the Gangnam Style post and Korean’s Beauty Trend spreading globally is my popular viewed post, followed by CC cream searches and our slimey little friend, Snail Cream!
Thank you girlies for joining this special edition ‘Round Em Up’ post! I’m very grateful to have been able to share you with my readers! Special Mention:
Thank you Michelle at for helping us spread the word on Breast Cancer – check her blog here

Now, your turn! Share your own post below so we can check it out.


41 thoughts on “Special Edition: Round ‘Em Up with Cool Bloggers!

  1. Hey everyone! I hope you stop by our blog too as it started off when we rescued the cutest puppy in the world named Nikita from the APL and we have documented her life in our blog, then added lots of neat diy craft ideas, and just recently another new puppy. We hope you stop by and check out what we have been up to –

    • Leslie, I just had to share with my readers how great you are when it comes to DIY. I love all your ideas and your blog oozes with beautiful creations. Glad I could get you on board. Thanks and have a great Friday :- xx

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