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Monday Retail Theraphy? Yes, please.

Hello, hello! It seems like it was just yesterday when I did my ‘How To: Keep Calm If You Hate Mondays!‘ and now I’m writing another post to relieve your Monday blues! (psstt and a little giveaway to follow this post — just a heads up for you!)
So I thought we could start this week off with something we all probably like, if not love! Window shopping! Although I’m not sure if going in and taking pics for your blog is considered window shopping, would you? haha
Little bean and I love our every now and then stroll in town. Sometimes, we even find ourselves wandering down the shop’s aisles and feasting our eyes on the lovely goodies. (ok… my eyes, I should say, since he’s really just sitting there while trying to grab every single thing he’s able to get his hands on!)
Let me tell you, it’s amazing what you stumble across now that Christmas is just round the corner. Bring on the spirit of window shopping!
And we’re off!

We were both bundled up because it was freezing cold! And what best way to keep ourselves warm? Yep, hot chocolate at Muffin Break!
After warming up, time to pretend like lost wanderers in the shops!

Purple and all that jazz!

I’m seeing purple everywhere! That bag was another find at this charity shop for £10 ($16)! If that bag is still there when I get back tomorrow, then it’s M.I.N.E!

Cheers, my dear!

I loove this novelty glasses! Definitely something my friend Angie from The Charmed Cupcake would appreciate. LOL!
The wine glass says ‘who needs female power, when I’ve got my wine’? Indeed!

Party on with your sparkly heels!

This bottle of wine holder  is bringing sexy back! Who needs female power when you’ve got a sexy shoe and your favourite wine sitting on it?! Absolutely love this one! (and I don’t even drink anymore! haha)
Christmas gift? *wink wink

Bags, bags and more bags!

Ahhh those lovely looking bags inside that window glass display, how I want to take you all home with me, and continue marveling at how pretty you all are. *sigh

So cool-ourful and fun!

*nod nod

Go on mugs, you do the talking… 😉
And can we have the longest awwwwwww….

…awwwlll please! Isn’t this mug owldorable? (sorry, can’t help it! haha)


If only this bracelet didn’t look too loose on me, I would have bought this already. This was only £10 at Argos ($16!.  It just looks so unique and sweet. And what can I say? It’s LOVE!

I smell Christmas!

Love the gingerbread candle burner? Holder? Kirsten at f00dventures would melt if she saw this.
Even snowmen are bracing the cold, apparently :-D. Could this be a frosty white Christmas for us here in the UK? Fingers-crossed!

Perfect additions to oomph the Christmassy feel!
And last but certainly not the least…

Adding that sweet jellybean touch!

My very own’s bracelet, made by the lovely Laura at Thank you!
And that’s it for now! I hope you all have a good start of your week! Don’t forget to grab  a little bling later for my first giveaway this month. Why? Because you deserve a little treat. ‘Til then!

What do you do to cope with Monday blues?



11 thoughts on “Monday Retail Theraphy? Yes, please.

  1. OMG!!! I would go crazy in that store. As you can see I am catching up on your blog now. I totally missed this post (how could I?!) so cute you thought of me when you saw the wine glass (hmmm…..or should I be worried) 😉 lol
    I love those murano glass wine charms, the tea cupcakes the wine bottle heel holder just about everything !!! Hope you drove there with a truck hahhahaa

  2. Oh my goodness, i SOOOOO enjoyed reading this post! (Sorry i was late on doing that, but as you knwo i was traveling)
    All the goodies. Its like girly heaven hahaha. How cool is all that Xmas decoration. I love to be in stores like that and nwo it’s def the right time to do that!! And that owl cup omg i want it 😀
    If you find other cool stores like that, pls do another post. ❤

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed reading this! When I went around this shop, I wanted to buy them all! hahah. The owl mug is really cute, and I’m not even into owls hahah. I’m thinking of doing a special feature on a bi-weekly basis on this type of post – going around local shops and showcasing their collection here on my blog. We’ll see. xx Have a great Sunday!

  3. Omg how did I miss this post? You are so right about that candleholder! Absolutely love it. And the snowmen stuffed animals….so,cute! By the way, were you able to snag that purple,purse? It’s adorable! I hope you were able to get,it

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