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Lipcote, not everyone’s cuppa tea!

Lipcote: The Original Lipstick Sealer

I never heard of this ‘sworn by’ beauty product by many beauty bloggers, voted by Vogue as Beauty Best in 2011,  until a few weeks ago, when I accidentally came across this little varnish look-alike in Boots. With Boots’ (my local drugstore) 3 for 2 offer across cosmetics products, it was just too good to not throw this into my shopping basket, without doing any homework on this brand.  Sometimes, there are those bargains you really don’t want to miss!
It was only when I got home, after fiddling with my Mac, when I was given some honest friendly advice from my blogger friends who have tried this product. “It will sting, it will brought tears to your eyes, and not the kind of joyous tears!”
But why did Vogue considered this as Beauty’s Best in 2011? Plus, this brand has been around for 5 decades?!! 50 years! So, there must be something about it that is really winning the British darlings, right? And I just had to find that out for myself! But since I have been warmed, I approached it with caution.


All vegetarian ingredients.
Alcochol denat, Butyl stearate, Ethylcellulose, Isopropyl alcochol, Shellac, Colophonium, Styrax benzoin gum Aqua (water) parfum (fragrance), Benzyl alcochol, Benzyl salicylate, Cinnamyl alcochol, Cinnamal, Hexyl cinnamal, Hydroxycitronellal. Lipcote is against animal testing. (details taken via
Let’s put this to a test, shall we?

Using Revlon’s Cherry Blossom’s lipstick 

Please note that I literally just smeared Revlon’s lipstick willy-nilly to test the staying power of Lipcote that everyone is raving about, as you can see the not-so-well-defined lipstick application. To be honest, I’m not even into lipstick, but somehow I got this red one – and I could only think that this was on sale and I just had to buy it before! haha
I decided to try this top coat just on the other half of my lips, and hopefully you will see the difference much better.
Would Lipcote leave up to it’s name and claim, the best lipstick sealer? Would Momma Bean finally become a lipstick Momma? See below:

As you can see, the right side of my lips looked as if I’ve just had Botox! I literally dabbed a very little amount first on my lower lip (as you can see that satin, sheen-like effect, and then a little on the upper lip. And yes, it does sting and brought tears in my eyes! No kidding. I might just be your complete wuss, but there you go. I was ready to just call it quits, but as a Momma turned beauty blogger, who is seeking for that perfect ‘beauty door’, I decided to bear with it a little bit more.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t know where the appeal is coming from with this product. To me, my lips just felt so dry that I was scared to move it just in case it would crack!! You’re not supposed to move your mouth after application, at least for 5 minutes, but even then, I could still feel the tightness and I was uncomfortable. The smell was bearable, and it did have the hint of vanilla (not sure how the original smells) but still, I was pretty convinced that I was painting my good ol’ nail top coat on my lips! LOL

As for the staying lipstick power, the main reason why everyone is jumping all over this, I wasn’t that impressed. I ate (main course), drank juice and basically ate more (dessert), and when I checked, it was all gone. It could be that I didn’t put more (although I read somewhere that ‘less is more’ with this product), but Lipcote just doesn’t quite float this Momma Bean’s boat. I think I’m going to stick with my magic lipstick, lip gloss and balm for now.
I did return this product in the end and just explained to the Boot’s assistant what I went through and she just nodded and said yes she understands since she’s used this before and it’s not everyone’s cuppa!

What was your reaction when you tried Lipcote? Are you curious to give this a go? Any raved about products that seem to fall short when it comes to you?


11 thoughts on “Lipcote, not everyone’s cuppa tea!

  1. I never heard of this product before and It sounded interesting in the title, as I’m a lipstick lover (with passion, hehehe) and looked that was the perfect thing for me, but after reading your review I don’ think I would be trying it, mainly because my lips are quite dry and this would just make them worse 😦
    You are totally rocking the red hun, looks really pretty on you, you should definitely become a lipstick momma! Big hug ❤

  2. Oh no I was crossing my fingers it would be a good one for you boooooooo 😦 at least they let you take it back thats a plus, and have to agree with Liss you are rocking that red!

    • I know! It was only little but ouch! hahah, my lips are too sensitive I think. Oh thanks! I do like red, just not sure when to wear without looking like I’m about to conquer the world… with a baby! hahah.

      P.S. (saw your email, just didn’t get the chance to reply, will do so later 😉 )

  3. Thanks for sharing this as I’m a lipstick girl and always looking for the one lippy that lasts and lasts without having to reapply. Haven’t heard about this before but now that I’ve read your review I’ll stay away as like Liss my lips are also dry so this would not help.

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