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It’s Wins-day! Make a WISH and do the Trend for an EASY WIN! **ENDED**

How could I let my loyal readers from all over the world miss this ahh-mazing opportunity courtesy by WISHTREND.COM ?
When I woke up, I got a wonderful message from Eddie telling me that WISHTREND, in tuned to launching their brand ‘spanking’ new website and logo, is currently holding one of their biggest event yet! The easiest competition ever! Why? Because they love all their fans and they love to indulge them in their products and services. And you’re all invited! Even I’m joining in the fun!
Simply introduce WISHTREND.COM in your own way , in your own language, however you want to present this Korean-based company (a distributor of Korean beauty and trend worldwide — bringing you authentic and well-known products from across the globe to your doorstep !). This is now your chance to showcase your talent in writing, try new products, get your blog recognized,  and basically have fun in the process!
Easy peasy! And it’s raining prizes, I can tell you that much!

20 best bloggers from all over the world with the best introduction post about’s products and services will be chosen, and the prizes are awaiting.

Prizes you wouldn’t want to miss! Believe me! Here’s a teaser:
And don’t worry, there’s more! Didn’t I say it’s raining prizes? I wasn’t kidding!
I’m a big fan of Klair’s products because they’re so gentle on your skin, as each product is packed with natural ingredients – and no nasty chemicals (paraben-free, no artificial colouring, no alcohol). And they don’t test on animals! Check out my reviews here or here.
And having to try out Skin & Lab samples, I was lucky enough to finally get my hands on the full size of one of these amazing creams – Skin & Lab Dr Vita Clinic Plus C!
Wait… there’s more!

10 Lucky Bloggers who will showcase their talent in writing through their introduction post of WISHTREND will be selected as one of their ambassadors!!

How cool is that?? The benefits of becoming one could not be better:
  • Monthly based product for review for your blog
  • Promotion of your review on Wishtrend’s Facebook page!
  • Support giveaway
  • Special discount offer for you

Please note that this fantastic competition/event is only available for A WEEK – from today 14th November until 19th November! And winners will be announced on the 20th of November.

How to link up your blog post with WISHTREND?
  • To share your introduction blog post, Facebook introduction, or other platforms, copy that link and simply go — here, and paste that link right at the bottom of the page! (Psstt, if you enter your WISHTREND account (if you’ve registered already), it will increase your chances of winning! Otherwise, *register now!)
So I’ll leave you with this post to ponder, but don’t ponder too long and get writing! Do share this post with everyone else, since you know, the more of us joining, the merrier!

Make your Wednesday, a Wins-day!

Good luck everyone!

*By registering, it will also be easier for WISHTREND staff to send your winner’s goodies!

30 thoughts on “It’s Wins-day! Make a WISH and do the Trend for an EASY WIN! **ENDED**

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  3. I saw this contest right after I had contacted them about being affiliated with them when I saw their page on their website. I entered there too! Exciting, waiting for the results now! 😉

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