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What’s New, Hot, and Not!: November Blog Updates

**Wave** Hello everyone! How are you all?

I didn’t want this month to end without doing my usual monthly updates, even if it’s late! As the saying goes, better late than never! I do apologise for not being able to blog for a few days, in fact, a week. It has been manic here at the bean house with my little bean’s Dad visiting us (right now, it happens only twice a year — if we get lucky!) plus we had a few things to sort out, for our big move! We’ll be here for a while before the Big Apple, but so far, it looks promising, fingers-crossed!

Daddy shielding little bean from the sun/ Mommy & Daddy / Tired, in Daddy’s arms.

So, you could say, last week was family time (although I sneaked in and did my ‘Wins-day’ post!) Had to be done and shared with all of you. Can’t wait to find out if one of you my lovely readers, who have joined,  are one of the winners!

With October saying ‘cheerio’ to all of us weeks ago, most of us embraced November with a smile and a ‘stache’! I’m sure you’re all aware of ‘Movember’. If not, then check this out.

Mommalicious Mammas’ founder, Lisa (a sweet friend of mine in the blogosphere) has launched a fundraiser for this good cause. So if you love your Mo, ask him to join and become the coolest Mo Sista! Simply go here for more details.

If you’ve not caught up yet with how my October went along, do check out my special edition ‘Round ‘Em Up’ post, since I’ve included some of the amazing bloggers that you would definitely like to give a follow!

Now then, let’s find out what’s new, hot and not!



  • New Look for 

I know, I know. I just can’t helped it, can I? But alas! I finally settled with this ‘new look’ and really meant when I said, I would stick with this theme, Sight. Took me a while to come up with the blog’s background, but so far, I’m liking it. It’s purple with little hearts — on a canvas effect! What’s not to like? And with my new background and header, I knew a new badge for this blog would go nicely. See below, and feel free to marvel on its roundness! LOL. If I knew how to make the perfect jellybean-shaped badge, I would have done so already. But it’s a long way to go for me. Oh well, I’ll go round for now!

  • WUBB Review Panel

How exciting to be able to work with these lovely UK Beauty Bloggers! When I was given the opportunity by to put a group of bloggers based in the UK to review their products/services, I knew I had to really do it! And now we’re on our first beauty product that we’re all hoping for good results! (So far, I’m loving mine!) Thanks to Grace, LaaLaa, Liss, Sarah, and Bex for joining Wishtrend’s UK Beauty Bloggers Review Panel. Our second product to be reviewed should be with us soon!


  • There’s a new GIG in town!

Oh yes! It’s really happening! I already introduced about this new FB-Bloggers community group I’ve put together along with these amazing girlies, who have always inspired me, and we’re about to go live soon! I just want to say to the girls for being so patient with me and for showing their support with this whole idea. We’re hoping to inspire, be inspired, and basically make blogging even more fun! So make sure you join the GIG!

  • Lucky Bean’s amazing prizes — sneak peek coming up!

You don’t want to miss this! If you’ve not joined this giveaway yet, then you better do it quick since this week is your only chance to join! After that, I’m counting all your likes, comments, reblogs, link ups, etc to increase your chances of winning. Remember, you will be getting an amazing beauty box from or a basket of goodness for 1-800-flowers — and no flowers involved! Please note, this giveaway is not sponsored and I’m actually buying all these prizes to show my gratitude for your never ending love and support for this little bean blog. My little way of saying ‘Thank You’, My Lucky Bean.

  • Tienes un blog en Espanol? Join BBFE!

I definitely need to practice my Spanish again! haha
I’m very proud to say that my friend Liss – from Latino Look (also part of the GIG) has created a Beauty & Fashion Bloggers FB Group for Spanish bloggers! What a great idea! It’s called Bloggers de Belleza y Fashion en Espanol. I’m currently working on their group’s badge, so hopefully it’s something they would all like in the end.


  • Let’s not get Mother Nature angry anymore…

Few weeks ago, I was such a nervous-wrecked. Two words: Superstorm Sandy. My other half happened to live around that area, and not being able to communicate with him or know what’s going on for almost two days, well, I was in a dire state. But I felt thankful to have the girls who share their encouraging words with me, which helped a lot. I sincerely appreciate all the love. I feel relieved and alive when I was able to speak to him again. What happened few weeks ago, really showed us that when Mother Nature gets really angry, all we can do, is pray for mercy. My thoughts and prayers for everyone who suffered because of this calamity.

  • Reality check or simply a wake-up call!

Without going into details, I’ve learnt the hard way last month that there are those who will also let you down in the blogosphere – big time, just like in your real life. And all you can do is move away from these people who would only bring you negativity. It’s a sad reality, but it is what it is.

On a brighter note…

I’ve also found the ‘real’ bloggers I really want to keep close to me and hopefully have an everlasting friendship with.  So, for those who make my blogging experience worthwhile, I’d like to make sure that I stalk and follow them all over the blogosphere, to show them my support! It might sound creepy, but it’s love! 😛


Here’s to the Fun, Sweet and Inspirational Bloggers out there! 

So, what’s new, hot, or not on your blog? Feel free to share. 


21 thoughts on “What’s New, Hot, and Not!: November Blog Updates

  1. really cool about the new FB communities! Grats to you and Liss and all the ladies involved! Also, glad your hubby is okay. That would be so scary. Take care of yourself n your family. Missed you for a week! 😉 xx

    • That’s so sweet of you Tianna! Thank you! We’re all good and staying positive despite the worries from last week. I’d love you to join us in the GIG, as this is really for my cool blogger friends, regardless of what they blog about. I think it’s going to be lots of fun and hopefully, this will help with writer’s block we all dread about! 🙂 xx I did miss blogging a lot! I was going *blog turkey! hahah (if that makes sense LOL)

      • I’m glad everyone is in good spirits! I’d love to join – do I just search GIG on FB? Yeah I love the idea of it – esp for it to be more personal than FBL & the BBloggers one. No one talks to me really on those! lol – I know what you mean, esp on writer’s block. sometimes I just sit there staring at my computer monitor like , okayyyyy. Even though I have a million posts in drafts waiting to get written! You know, the hardest part is getting start n all that jazz xx

  2. So many happenings! Its good to take some family time! Congratulations on everything love! I think the new look of your blog is great! Especially because its purple! 😉 I’ve been playing around with mine lately as well but haven’t come up with anything I like haha. Keep up the good work D, you’re amazing!

    • Hey Crys! Aww, what lovely words you have for me. Makes me feel all happy! Life outside blogging has been pretty manic, but we’re all good now and I’m getting back on track with the whole bean blog thing haha. Oh, I love purple, I’m pretty sure you know that already. 😀
      So nice to catch up with you via Instagram, btw. I’m doing another special edition post involving nails and polishes! would love to feature you. Will drop you a line soon! 🙂 xx D

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