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The Tint Gloss You’ve Been Waiting For – ElishaCoy Always Kiss

I’m so thrilled to share another beauty find! I’ve taken lots of pics (including pics of myself sporting this little beauty) hoping to give you my readers and beauty seekers an idea whether this product is worth your time and money!

**ElishaCoy’s Always Kiss Tint Gloss in Strawberry Milk.

I’m a lipgloss-kinda-gal, are you?

If you’ve read my beauty tag, you know that I’m a lipgloss fan, but a long time ago, I was your lipstick hoarder! It was only recently that I made a switch when I discovered amazing lip glosses/balms from international shopping sites, not to mention E(vil)bay! That being said, reason I tried to stay away from glosses before (the ones you find from local drugstores) is the fact that they are annoyingly sticky! And England can get really windy — not a good combo!

Swoon by the power of Strawberry Milk…

It might look like your typical lipgloss, but alas! this little gem is in a beauty league of its own. They really are ‘marketing’ the whole ‘Always Kiss’ concept based on this packaging, don’t you think? Not complaining, I think it’s kinda cute.

Not just a pretty gloss…

Always Kiss by ElishaCoy (a botanical cosmetic company from Korea – with the Noblesse Naturalism tagline) is your all-in-one lip product. It’s makeup and skincare in two swipes. The tint comes with this nourishing essence to keep your lips moisturise and looking healthy, while the gloss adds volume and juiciness.
It comes in two sweet colours; Sweet Bong Bong (more on the peachy side) and Strawberry Milk (a touch of sweet pink) — the one you see here.
Thanks to for once again indulging me in this beauty product and kindly sent me this for review purposes. I’ve been swept away in just one swipe!
Would beauty enthusiasts love this product?
Scent alone, it’s already a winner. Amazingly yummy scent that’s not overpowering but just enough to please your sense of smell. The cooling effect is also a bonus for that refreshing lift, which us girlies will appreciate. And if there’s one thing I hate about lipglosses, its their nature (as I was made to believe) that they’re just plain sticky!! But boy was I wrong about this when it came to ElishaCoy. I was pretty impressed to see and feel that it’s nowhere near as sticky as the ones I’ve tried in the past!
Oh, it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag either! For a double dose of goodness, a non-sticky lipgloss, at $16.40 (£10.29), you know you’re getting a pretty good deal.
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More swatches coming up!

Tone it up or down…

I love how versatile this little gem is. You can easily sport a ‘no makeup’ makeup look with this or go for a smoky eyes with a touch of blush on your cheeks, and still this would look perfect. I really am a big fan of a not-so-over-the-top-look and yet you can still see the difference.
  • Contains Aqua-holding complex & lip-treat complex – gives you that much needed moisture, while caring for your lips (no more dry lips!)
  • Ultra volume polymer, gives you that fuller lips effect and helps hold the tint’s ingredients in place for a long time. Helps achieve that staying power.
More reasons to love this product:
  • No more clumps! So when the gloss is gone, you can easily swipe more without worrying about it going cakey on your lips – the touch of pink by the essence tint will still be visible!
  • Pretty packaging so you won’t feel shy waving it around for a quick touch up, wherever you are. Very handy to carry around.
  • No yucky chemical smell after hours of application, something you would always notice from your standard glosses. (You know what I mean!)
  • Make up and lip care in one!

So there you have it, Momma Bean’s new ‘Winter Love’ fave!

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Share your must-have winter beauty favourite/s!

**This product could have easily joined my HG products, but the reasons are noted above on the ingredients list. Mind you, this didn’t give me any nasty allergic reaction nor any reaction I should worry about. But as a beauty blogger, I wanted to share my experience with this lip product, any pros and cons, and include the important details you might want to know, after all, the decision is all yours.


35 thoughts on “The Tint Gloss You’ve Been Waiting For – ElishaCoy Always Kiss

  1. Ooh this looks yummy! What a lovely natural colour! I find it impossible to find lipglosses that don’t look ridiculously obvious so I often opt for a clear one but they are always really sticky! Another one for my wishlist I think…

    • I know!Most lip glosses don’t have any staying power but just sticky power haha. That’s why I stopped buying from boots LOL. Well now I gotta buy more from the other side of the world since their stuff works better. Not sure if they have this brand in London hun, but this is available online at wishtrend 🙂 (if you want, I have some discount codes I can give you :-P) And thank you ^^

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