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Beauty with Precision by Little Thread

It’s amazing what you come across on Facebook or Twitter, and I’m talking about the good finds, beauty-wise.

So I’m very excited to actually share this wonderful ‘beauty find’ of mine that I’m pretty sure those of you, who loves beauty with ‘precision’, will appreciate.

Little Thread is your one of a kind mobile beauty company, with a twist!

They offer hair removal with the use of the ancient method, called threading. What makes this UK-based company special is the fact that they bring beauty to you! In the comfort of your home, at work, or any social event venues. Now that is something. We can all agree that it’s definitely a beauty service with a ‘twist’.

Click image for more details on Price List on Little Thread’s website.

A perfect excuse for a girls-night-in, surrounded with champers and lots of giggles — and perhaps a few ‘ouch’ here and there? Never fear! Little Thread consists of beauty professionals who know the ‘twist and turns’ when it comes to threading. In fact, they use organic cotton threads that have been cultivated free from pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers! What’s more, they’ve also collaborated with Suti – my all-time favourite luxurious skincare brand, based in the UK.

Sessions last from 5 to 15 mins only, so the more, the better, and merrier, of course! Gotta share the fun of being pampered comfortably.

Don’t you just love perfectly-shaped eyebrows? Those to-die-for arches or curves? Unfortunately, I just suck at tweezing and can’t cope with DIY waxing. And although I’d say I love eyebrow waxing, threading just excels more when it comes to precision control, hence giving you that most wanted shape. Plus, it’s deemed to be much friendlier to your skin compare to waxing.

A cuppa on the house … plus a guilt-free mani!

Who said you can’t have it all? Little Thread really offers the ‘perfect’ pampering service. You can now enjoy a cup of tea on the house! So with every treatment, you get to enjoy a cup of tea courtesy by Teapigs. And since they know that you’d love every sip of it, they’re even giving you 20% off voucher to spend on their divine whole leaf collection, the likes of green, black, white and organic teas.

Beauty and well-being pampering, I’d say. What more could you ask from threading?

How about indulge in a guilt-free mani afterwards?

Little Manicure: Enjoy one for £18 extra (file & shape, cuticle treatment, mini hand massage, natural moisturizer & an Orly nail polish).

Oh, but there’s more, and this one makes me root for their beauty company even more!

With Little Thread, the little ones read!

They have team up with Pratham UK, which is the largest NGO providing education to underprivileged kids in India, the home of threading. Don’t you just love it when  ‘with knowledge, comes beauty’  fits perfectly in this sense? So with every customer, Little Thread will be donating a children’s book. I’m sure those kiddies will be all smiles! For more details, please click here.

**twist — sorry if I’ve overused this word 3 times (well, now 4 times) in this post, just can’t help it! LOL

Beauties, Christmas is literally just round the corner, so if you want to get the party started, might as well make it beauty-themed, don’t you think?


8 thoughts on “Beauty with Precision by Little Thread

  1. It is amazing what you come across on the internet and facebook. I came across Little Thread about a month ago but it’s a pity there is no service like this here in Austria. I have a gf here who would sooooo die for this service.

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