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You’re all invited to join the GIG – Your Friendly Facebook-Blogging Community!

Finally! After months of procrastinating (LOL), I’m now able to do this post and invite you all to join our FB group called the GIG – (Girls Inspired Group). I’ve mentioned a little bit about this in my previous post, but since life outside blogging has been pretty hectic for all of us, I thought of just postponing the invitation a little. But here we are.

A little bit about the GIG…

You might wonder what this is about. Well, I can assure you that this isn’t your typical Facebook group. Yes, we have our own FB group where we can huddle, chat a little (or more!), share your posts, any exciting new, events, or simply chill with the girlies but we also have our very own blog hop! The GIG Hop!

Girls Inspired Group is inspired none other than… guess who? Of course, the sweetest bloggers I’ve met in the blogosphere.

Click on the image to be taken to the page with all their blog links!

And since the whole idea of this group is to inspire, be inspired, and get involved, we thought that a blog hop with a twist will benefit us, our readers, and hopefully will help us become better bloggers! The topics will be about something we can all relate, and that’s all about blogging! Issues, tips, ideas, etc. More details on this are on our FB group so you can read all the details there.

The girlies will help me out with the ‘gig hop’ therefore, you can get to know them as well! But don’t worry, we also have a space for a ‘guest co-host’! Didn’t we say we like to get you involved?

No FB account? Hate Facebook? (I don’t blame ya). Don’t worry, you can still be a part of the GIG, grab the badge, and follow the hop. 🙂

Why you should GiG with us? 

When I used to be part of an FB group where I met my gal friends, I always felt that something was lacking, and that was the ability to invite all my blogger friends, who didn’t blog about beauty or fashion, since most FB groups are based on these. I know I don’t have a large following but the bloggers who have been supporting me all this time are one of the reasons that keep this blog going, and I wanted to give something back. I’m sure the girls feel the same way. This is what blogging should be about — fun, inspiring, sharing and friendship.

So are you ready to GIG with us? You’re all invited!

When it comes to GIG, there’s one thing we all love to do, and that’s blogging.

See you there, or here.


18 thoughts on “You’re all invited to join the GIG – Your Friendly Facebook-Blogging Community!

  1. Reblogged this on Project Beauté and commented:
    It’s all about support. When I joined the blogosphere just a short time ago, who would have known there would be so much support and trailblazers to learn from. Check out this new group on Facebook that I know will keep you on your toes…and INSPIRED (of course!)

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  5. Thanks for the is a stupendous idea…lets unite….and have more fun…it feels damn..good to be part of this all Girls group…It is so soothing….thanks GIG, you rock!

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