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Cooling Peppermint Foot Scrub by Leor, Make Your Feet Love You!

Do you love your feet? I know that sometimes, with so many things going on in our social lives, we forget to take care one of the most important part of our body, the part that bears all of our weight! And since you only get one set of feet, it’s very important that you give it your utmost TLC and attention.

Happy feet, and healthy ones, contribute greatly to your well-being.

And this next product I’m about to introduce you, will hopefully make your feet rejoice!

This is part of Leor’s amazing FeelGood Box called Choctasy. You can also buy this foot scrub for £8 or $12.80 (120ml) if you just want to get down to business with this scrub. Although I must say, the box is definitely worth a peek.

Hint: there’s a heavenly chocolate bar included there among all the pampering chocolate-themed products! You don’t want to miss that!

At first glance, this foot scrub looks like your blueberry slushie or slurpee, right! But it’s not for sipping folks, though you might feel tempted. Consider it as your feet sipping a good kinda slurpee.

Unscrewing the aluminum jar (which you can re-use again and again if you run out of stash!) brings out that lovely peppermint freshness that feels the air. Amazing, is not enough to describe it. It simply is a breath of minty-ness. Something your overly used, strained, blistered, and tired feet from walking with the highest heels, platforms, or even just your normal flats, would appreciate.

I’m telling you, I’m not your biggest fan when it comes to feet products but this certainly won me over and made me take my time to give my feet some love.

It contains only four ingredients!

Blueberry slurpee?

Fine grade Epsom Salts, Grapeseed Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and Cranberry Extract.  And it’s Paraben and Sulphate FREE!

These crystallized-looking granules more or less dissolves into your skin when applied, and that fine grade Epsom salts are just enough to exfoliate your feet without being too harsh or abrasive.  And alas, you can also have that peace of mind that you are not scrubbing your feet with nasty chemicals!


Sorry if these are only hand swatches, but he said no feet pictures! haha

It gives that smooth, soft, and moisturised feet and hint of peppermint at the same time. I tried this on my other half when he was here, of whom by the way, is so picky and would rather not have me touch his feet! But he gave in when I used this as a foot soak first, which made that minty fragrance just burst all over the room. It was a delight. Or in his words, ‘it’s good’. Man of a few words. LOL

It might feel a little bit greasy, but it wears off instantly. 

So apart from a good scrub, you can also use this as a great foot soak. What more can you ask from a feet-cooling-peppermint-scrub, free from nasties and also comes with a pamper box with chocolate? Mint+chocolate, don’t they just go very well together?

There you have it, the last product I got to indulge myself, thanks to Rachelle at Leor for choosing me and my blog to review their wonderful range.

Folks, you’d be happy to know that they now deliver not only in the UK but also to Europe, USA and Canada! So what are you waiting for? Update your Christmas list and get this baby up there. Look out for special offers on their site. Cheers to awesome pamperation*!

Have you tried any of Leor’s products? What’s your favourite foot soak or scrub?

*pamper+relaxation by Leor


20 thoughts on “Cooling Peppermint Foot Scrub by Leor, Make Your Feet Love You!

  1. I’m always a bit reluctant to try foot products as I suffer from really bad heat rashes on my feet that make them really itchy so I’m always concerned that products may affect it. I do get a lot of dry skin on my feet though so I would like to find a scrub that can solve the problem without making the rashes flare up! I can’t see anything in this one that might affect it, I may have to give it a go!

  2. shouldnt we be using warming foot scrub by now? its getting cold…and somehow i dont feel like cooling my feet anymore 😛 im more for a hot bubble bath at the moment 🙂

    • Is there a warming foot scrub? I’ve not really dipped into the scrubs and soaks just yet apart from this one and when I was pregnant (gotta have some scrub for a pamper me time LOL) but this actually is not so bad since it doesn’t give you the chill LOL. You’ll love it!

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