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Mavala Nail Polishes, Delicious Colours & All That Sparkles!

Are you surprised? Momma Bean is doing a nail polish post? Let’s just say that when it comes to nail polishes, never say never! Blogging comes with all sorts of perks, yummy finds, and then the cool finds. If I’ve known that blogging would have saved me a few bucks back then, I would have started blog reading or my own blog right away. But here we go.

Who doesn’t love nail polishes? I thought I didn’t. Boy, was I wrong. Coming across Mavala’s range at made me want to love my nails once again!

It’s also one of those guilt-free must haves since Mavala nail colours are toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, collophane, paraben, camphor, animal ingredient and heavy metal free! What about that?!

For those who are unfamiliar about this brand, here’s a little bit of history about Mavala:

MavalaMavala – a Swiss brand – is the world leader in nail care with a heritage spanning over 50 years. Created in 1958 by MAdelaine VALAndeghem and with the introduction of Scientifique Nail Hardener which remains one our best selling products to date, Mavala is available globally in over 100 countries, with stockist ranging from small independent salons to large department stores. Not only do they have a wide selection of nail colours that are to die for, they also have skincare and makeup range, which a beauty must definitely check out.

I must say, when I saw this brand at my local drugstore, I had the ‘meh’ face since this 5ml nail polish costs around £4.30 each! But it all made sense after further scrolling and reading online that this brand’s nail polishes are free from nasties! Then it got all interesting!

And when I bumped into Mavala’s Delicious Colour Collection at Beautybay for only £12.49 for the whole set (5 nail polishes), I wasn’t going to let that opportunity passed me by. Would you?!

From Left to Right: Fresh Melon, Candy Floss, Pistachio, Sparkling Violet*, Frozen Berry and Lemon Cream

Only the Sparkling Violet was not included in the set. This retailed £3.50, which is by far the cheapest I could find both in-store and online. A little bit of sparkle won’t hurt, right?

Sparkling Violet by Mavala. Bought at for £3.50 ($5+ approx.)


Frozen Berry is without a doubt my favourite, but on a good day, I probably would paint my each nail with different colour, just so I could have all the delicious-ness on them!


Pistachio and Frozen Berry simply compliment each other, and I enjoyed experimenting with the two colours with some added sparkles! Umm, ok, I guess I went overboard here. haha.
Reversed the colours to see what the outcome would be. I think I prefer the first swatches. What about you?

There you have it! My first dip into the world of colours and sparkles! There’s more glitter-pleasure to come, so please stay tuned!

Have you tried any of the Mavala’s range? Share your favourite colour collection and brands!



13 thoughts on “Mavala Nail Polishes, Delicious Colours & All That Sparkles!

    • Oh look what my nail polish post got! It’s Dee, the only Haute Frugalicious in the blogosphere hahah. I agree Dee, I like the whole two toned look too. Just too bad I can’t do them all the time. If I do, I only get to paint my left hand and that’s it LOL. Too busy haha xx

    • I really love Mavala! I was so happy to find this at my local store as well, because now I’m able to see the new range! LOL probably not a good idea. But I really love the formula and how this is free from all the nasties as well!
      Thanks for dropping by and following my blog! 🙂

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