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Countdown To Christmas Has Begun!

I got up feeling all happy and merry this morning, despite the fact that I woke up around 5am and then managed to sleep two hours later. Nonetheless, I made sure that I’ve done something productive during those hours. Check out my snowy background (although very subtle), much like the snow that we get here, IF we get lucky! Also I blinged my header a little bit and put Santa and his sleigh on my Facebook page! Honestly, check it out, you’ll see Frosty there too! And while you’re at it, give my fan page some love and like it. Spread the Christmas lovin’!

Christmas, oh what do I do with you? It’s one of those times that regardless of how gloomy is outside, deep inside, I feel this excitement brewing. There’s something about this month that just gives me this unexplainable joy and to some, probably an absolute panic! ย Have you done your gifts and Christmas cards yet?

So we all know that this month is going to be pretty hectic, with all the preparation, putting up the Christmas tree, lights, and lots and lots of baubles. I have something special for little bean and I this year that I hope he could treasure forever. My only wish this Christmas is for us to spend it with his Dada, but it looks like we’d have to wait another year. Still, I feel hopeful. Hope is something you should never give up on. Hold on to it, tight. ๐Ÿ™‚

And since today is 1st December, I wanted to share the Christmas spirit more with all of you by sharing some of my treasured memories with my little bean! Happy weekend all!

A lovely pic I took with his Nana last year, his very first Christmas! His sporting, by far, his cutest pout!



Little bean with Momma in 2011, and his Dada back when he was just 5 days old at the hospital.ย 


21 thoughts on “Countdown To Christmas Has Begun!

  1. Aw what a cute little family you have! I’m sorry you won’t get to spend it with “dada”. My favorite thing about Christmas is getting to soend time with my family. And eating Christmas cookies :p

    • Thank you Kirsten! Aww, I love eating too! cookies or mince pies and cakes and yeah, you get the idea! LOL.

      Well, my other half is full of surprises, so he could turn up, we never know! He did it once on his birthday last May, just popped out of nowhere and rang the doorbell in the morning! hahah xx

  2. Sweetness galore! I’m sorry to hear that this will be a Christmas without his dad but I hope it’ll be a good one. Snow? Never seen the stuff in my life but soon … very soon because I’m digging me a tunnel to … most likely the US of A with a little pink spoon. I will get there and next year, providing that my hands are functional, I’ll head over to the UK! Cheerios Mama Bean ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oh, look what my post caught! My sweet sugary friend! I hope you’re doing well hun! I wish you and I could dig a tunnel with a little pink spoon and finally get to the Big Apple LOL. Will take little bean of course so it’s more fun haha. Take care all the time xx

  3. Hi hun, this post is so cute, love the pictures of your little been! He is so adorable, makes me want to hug him!!!! Very sorry about not being with dada bean ๐Ÿ˜ฆ hopefully everything gets sorted soon, the important thing is that love doesn’t know limits or distances : ) โค

    Happy Sunday hun!

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