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GIG’S Worldwide Giveaway! – Ended –

GIG finally hits 100 members (109 to be exact!) today after just being a week’s old as a group! What a great way to start your weekend and welcome December!

I can’t thank enough the co-founders of this group for being so awesome in helping me out to put everything together. And check out our diverse members, who simply love blogging. From beauty, fashion, great DIY inspiration, baking, photography, reviews, to sharing travel escapades around the world!

And as a big THANK YOU to everyone, I would like to launch our first ever GIG giveaway, open WORLDWIDE, and sponsored by yours truly and the GIG co-founders. (see end of post)

It’s the ‘GIG 100 Thank You Event’ you’re one of a kind event that invites all GIG members to join and grab this brand spanking new must-have beauty gizmo!


This newly-released beauty cleanser will come with ElishaCoy Vita Cleansing Foam as well, to complete your cleansing beauty experience! (will be purchased from a trusted seller

How to win this amazing prize?

It’s so simple!

  1. Simply become one of the GIGjoin us here.
  2. Then, blog about the Girls Inspired Group and this amazing GIG 100 Thank You Event! — or simply reblog this post!
    Optional: Tell us what you love about being a member or how we can all improve as a community.You know we love to get you all involved and be a part of this coolest gig.
  3. Make sure that you have the badge on your blog, too! We want to spread the love and get more bloggers to come aboard.
  4. Stay updated and LIKE our fan page! (oh yeah, we have our very own GIG Page)
  5. Once you’ve done your blog post, you can either link up to this post, or share your post’s link on our group page or wall! So we know that you’ve joined!

Why? The more, the merrier!

This event will run for two weeks only! The winner will be announced on 17th December, 2012

Myself and the co-founders will decide who the lucky member is!

Good luck!


**This giveaway is sponsored by**

(D) Sweetjellybean

(Ange) The Charmed Cupcake (Liss) Latino Look

(Lisa) Mademoiselle Snow (Dee) Haute Frugalista

(Mari) I Love Green Inspiration (Saran) Cinnamon Spring

**Note to c0-founders, please blog about this giveaway too**


57 thoughts on “GIG’S Worldwide Giveaway! – Ended –

  1. Yay!! Hello fellow GIGs! Glad we can inspire one another through the medium of blogging! I’ve been slow on my blogging but will have to do loads of updating, and will definitely blog about this on mine too 😀

  2. It’s the 1st of December, Christmas countdown has started and we are already celebrating with our 109 members!!!
    Fellow GIG members please be sure to enter this fabulous event, trust me you won’t be disappointed with this prize – your skin will thank you for it.
    Good luck everyone, sending you my charmed luck and ‘may the GIG force be with you’ hahaha lol 😉

    • hahah, GIG force! Aww Ange, you always brighten my day, and I needed that today too! Sorry took me forever to reply to comments, it seems that I need to be more organized than ever! Thanks for sponsoring this event! 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on Peach Milky Tea and commented:
    If you are a blogger looking to finds a helpful and supportive community then come join us at The Girls Inspired Group!
    Don’t forget to share your posts with us here, and to enter their awesome giveaway!

  6. Best prize ever! You girls are so awesome >3<
    I reblogged at PMT~ and said
    "If you are a blogger looking to finds a helpful and supportive community then come join us at The Girls Inspired Group!
    Don't forget to share your posts with us here, and to enter their awesome giveaway!"

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