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Special Edition: December Update, Your Manic Monday!

Hello December

Well, hello first (manic!) Monday of December, your ultimate giveaway season! Don’t we all agree? The blogosphere is filled with giveaways and all sorts of events. Online shops with their advent calendars promotion being peeled open every single day until Christmas, with surprises and discounts waiting for us to jump all over it. I’m telling you, before this year ends, I’ll be completely broke! So be cautious ladies and gents, be smart, be savvy, when you shop! Ask yourself, would I actually use this in the end? Don’t go on grabbing frenzy because it’s pretty! Ohh, the mind battle!
But we can never deny, that this Yuletide season is also the time of giving. I know you are way more organise than I am in terms of gifts and cards. I was in and out of shops today and could not cope with the chaotic environment, plus with the baby just kicking to get out of his pushchair! Not a good combo, really.
As I don’t want to just bombard my followers and readers with posts leaving you wondering what’s happening over at the bean house, I thought of sharing some of the things I got in store for you, and hook you in! heheh 😀
It’s going to be absolutely busy this month, but I will try my best to post on a regular basis.
Here goes!

Lots of beauty finds I can’t wait to share from some of the amazing shops I found via Twitter and Facebook. Great bargain steal!

Pastello Neve Cosmetics

♥ Beauty products reviews

diego dalla palma

♥ Additional baby/Mommy series on gears and products (once a week post hopefully)

Baby/Mommy Series

♥ Announcement of my Lucky Bean Winner (FINALLY!!)


And perhaps mini giveaways to get you in the mood for the biggest one next year to celebrate something exciting for this blog?

Yep! I’m hoping to be one of the self-hosted blogs out there, folks! I’m braving it!
Apparently, the grass is greener on that side of the blogosphere! I’m hoping that with this transition, I’ll be able to do more for my awesome readers and followers! I’m not going to lie, I’m actually nervous, and scared! 😦 Because it says that you could/would lose your WP followers, but for those who are following via email —not the Follow button on top of the blog— can be easily transferred! But I’d have to say buh-bye to my Stats, which has really helped to also keep my blogging spirit up!
So, with this big leap, today, I started collecting beauty products and accessories that I could put together as a ‘welcome giveaway’ next year. Oh, it’s going to be big and it’s international! Watch out!
Finally, the GIG has now reached 169 members! Wohoo! Thank you my GIG crew, you’ve been awesome!

(Ange) The Charmed Cupcake (Liss) Latino Look

(Lisa) Mademoiselle Snow (Dee) Haute Frugalista

(Mari) I Love Green Inspiration (Saran) Cinnamon Spring (KJ) KJ Andersen

We have some really proactive bloggers (ie,Tara behind bbcreamaddict) who are helping us with getting more beauty fans, fashionistas, DIY mavens, baking goddesses, writers, travel blogs, etc, to come on board! And don’t forget to join our first ever GIG Worldwide giveaway!
So that’s it folks!



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