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Collective Korean Beauty Haul & Nail Sticker

Collective Korean Haul
Most of my Instagreat followers and FB fans must have seen this during the sneak preview post, just to get those die-hard Korean beauty fans excited. Now if you’ve not tried any Korean brands yet, then now is the time to do so! It’ll be worth it! Wish I tried them sooner myself.
So, just a quick recap of what I’ve purchased from different stores on da.. da.. da.. da.. eBay!! The stream of all things used and unused, real stuff and fakes ones! Please always be cautious.
I normally would buy from reputable sellers, who’ve been in the biz for a while, or go for the brand’s official global shop. All orders pretty much arrived after 10 working days, which is quite good considering they were standard shipping. These sellers are the ones to look out for, very generous and wrapped things up neatly and nicely. Your product/s will arrive in one piece!

Innisfree Milky Glitter Collection

Innisfree Gitter Polish Collection

Ahh, I can sense already that I’m bound to earn the name ‘nail polish hoarder’! Not good. But these are irresistibly cute! Protected with bubble wrapped and bottles were sealed. Guaranteed that no one tampered with them. And pastels plus glitters? Swoon. This was an auction for $18 including shipping! A bargain you wouldn’t want to miss! I got TonyMoly nail sticker, Hello Kitty plaster and a Korean made muslin/exfoliator cloth.
Ebay seller: klonoa23
**The special peel-off base coat was not part of the set, but I only paid $4, which was still a bargain to me, since you don’t get it here in the UK!

Innisfree Nail Polish

Beauty Magic Touch by CHae.a

Chaea Vibrating BB Machine

Vibrating BB Machine and Premium Snail BB Cream
Next up… My very own vibrating BB machine by CHae.a! Vibrating BB machine is one of the hottest items in Asia. I know, funny name, isn’t it? LOL. The West hasn’t really caught up yet, but I’m sure we’d get there. I got lucky during the auction and only paid $14 incl. shipping! Ah-mazing! And the seller even sent me a 30ml BB cream instead of 10ml, just caused this was shipped just a day late than stated! Was very pleased with their service!
Ebay seller: korean-cosmetics

Vibrating BB Machine

Mizon Dark Shine Concealer

Mizon Concealer

Last but certainly not the least, my Mizon Dark Shine Concealer in Yellow Shine – complete coverage for bluish dark circles. I wasn’t sure whether to get the Peach Shine (purplish-type dark circles coverage), but in the end, I picked the yellow one. I paid $18, which in my book is expensive for one item. LOL. But Mizon has always delivered in terms of their products, so I’m counting on that. Check my previous haul, not to mention the amount of samples you get!
Ebay seller: mizoncorp
These products will be reviewed individually with swatches to give you an insight if these are worth the grab!
Now then, who wants this nail sticker (TonyMoly) and Hello Kitty plaster?? Simply Like and Comment on this post telling me which product you’d like to be reviewed first and why. And that’s it!


Good luck!


34 thoughts on “Collective Korean Beauty Haul & Nail Sticker

  1. yahoo! i have been waiting for this:) Can I say all? haha.. silly me, I just love all of them. . anyways if i were to choose which one will be reviewed first I say that bb machine thingy. Why? because it’s new to me. It’s kinda useful I guess and I wanna know how to use it and what will be the result. 🙂 oh my, I just can’t stop smiling, I am really excited for this. fingers crossed* (lord3x.. pls. let me win:))

  2. Hi hun! those nail polish look just wonderful! love them!!
    that vibrating bb cream machine that the name?? looks really interesting, never seen that before, I can wait for a review on that! …and the concealer!! oh I want everything hahahah! not forget about the stickers! so cute!

    Big hug ❤

  3. hmm…which one i want to be reviewed first? ah.. “Vibrating BB Machine and Snail BB Cream”.. unique name, “premium snail” 😀 you should show us what’s the different with others BB Cream. anyway, Is it have spf? There’s written on the box : “amazing changes in the skin” wow, i’m so curious! >.< waiting that review~ (i'll read it) na-na-na-na… And what a lovely gift! I love hello kitty!!! ✿✿✿

  4. The Vibrating BB Machine! Im very intrested it! I mean, is it really as good as they say, or just a gimmick thing? Although Korea are yet to let me down with gimmicks, everything they think up seems to be awesome!

  5. Wow. I love everything Korean especially the cosmetics! I would love to read about the concealer review. Since I have some things to hide in my face, LOL, I would definitely try this if the product is worth it. 🙂

    • Oh, you would love this concealer! I tried it yesterday (well attempted) and I really liked the colour and how it brightened my eyes! Ok, I ended up putting too much hahah, which means a little goes a long way for this product, well worth my money in the end! I’ll do a few swatches at some point. And the seller is the brand’s HQ peeps so it’s the real deal. xx

      • Wow. I have very dark circles I look like panda sometimes and this concealer looks promising! I would love to see your post regarding this and hopefully this is available in my country so I can purchase it, too 🙂

  6. Oh wow! I would really love to win the Milky Glitter Nail polishes! I’m a natural,and everyone knows naturals love to showcase funky nails and earrings! Plus I just recently gotten obsessed with matte, and glitter polishes! Lol

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