A 12/12/12 Special Giveaway ♥ for Mommy & Baby *ENDED*


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121212 SPECIALFor months, I’ve been planning to share this wonderful baby find of little bean and I, one of our favourite baby products straight from Seoul! I came across this when I went shopping at, and have been very impressed on how this suited my little guy’s sensitive skin. So, I was very excited that I could finally share this with all the Mommies, Daddies and babies out there! Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway and for generously offering a set of Bubble Bon Bon’s body wash and lotion x 300 ml each! You and your baby will love these products!
I recently launched this giveaway on my page to treat some of my Mommalicious friends, but I thought, why not do this worldwide and indulge all my fabulous followers with this amazing brand? And decided to do a 12/12/12 Special Treat Giveaway! Mind you, now that I think about it, my little bean was born a 12/12 (just the date and hour! LOL)

It’s so easy to join! 4 Easy Steps are all you need!

  1. Simply subscribe to my blog — by email (kindly leave the email or your blog link in the comments section so I can easily contact you if you’re one of the winners)
  2. Register at (doing this will make it easier for them to ship your prize, with less hassle for you! And of course, you will have an up to date details on discount codes and offers on beauty, skincare and makeup products, too!)
  3. ‘Like’ Sweetjellybean’s Facebook fan page.
  4. ‘Like’’s Facebook fan page. (this will take you to Wish Company’s global fan page,’s HQ)

If you’ve done all the above, you’re in! Fingers-crossed!

Winners will be announced on 22nd December.

You’re more than welcome to share this giveaway on Facebook (tagging me with it, so I would know) but this is only optional. I’m more than happy to keep things simple.
Three lucky winners will be selected ‘pick out of the hat’ style by none other than my little assistant, Little Bean. Let’s do this old school as it’s fun that way. Any questions, please fire away in the comments below.

Good luck everyone!

**Please note that most giveaways (if not all) being launched on this blog only mean that I’ve/we’ve personally tried the products, hence I’m confident of sharing them with my readers. Do check the ingredients thoroughly for any allergies you may have. My little bean is an eczema sufferer and has a very sensitive skin, but Bubble BonBon really helped with the dryness and made his skin softer. I’ve also used this myself, and just loved the smell.

+ No need to re-enter if you’ve already joined the same giveaway on the other page. 😉



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