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Skin Repairing ElishaCoy Snail Cream Review & Ratings

It’s snail sliming Thursday folks! I had the opportunity to collaborate with 5 amazing bloggers here in the UK and we’ve formed Wishtrend’s UK Beauty Bloggers Review Panel (WUBB)! Thanks to for sponsoring our first product, ElishaCoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream, and watch out for more beauty products!

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ElishaCoy Snail Cream

I was very excited to finally get to read all the bloggers review on this cream, being such a fan of snail creams. As we have very different skin types and needs, you’ll see varied results and reaction, hence giving you a better idea if this product is indeed right for you!
Based on my very sensitive skin, Elisha Coy pretty much ticked all the boxes for me, although I wouldn’t go as far as considering this as my HG (Holy Grail) product, but I’d certainly buy this again. I’m still keen to try more snail creams, and the beauty world is full of them right now!

What you will love about this product…


Noticed the chip around the lid, that’s when little bean dropped this jar!

Apart from having a very sturdy glass-like packaging (my little bean managed to get a hold of this and dropped on our kitchen’s tiled floor!), the refreshing and cooling effect will win you over. A plus for me since it helps calm any redness on my face, especially just after taking a hot shower, or just because my skin is being a pain in the butt sometimes.
Battling a foreboding breakout, which I got to experience this week, I’m really pleased to say that this cream didn’t let me down. To be honest, I have myself to blame for this almost-breakout experience due to lack of sleep and falling out from my beauty routine. This season is really cramping my style, you know? LOL. Nevertheless, Elisha Coy Snail Cream saved my face!!

Before & After 3 days Pic

Right portion of my face, where I get most spots for some reason!

Apologies for the poor lighting, taken on different location in the house, using my phone. But as you can clearly see, the After picture shows that the spots have completely subsided and prevented it from getting worst, while the other one is completely gone!
If you want wrinkle improvement, fine lines etc, you might want to give this tub of slime more than just 4 weeks to really see the difference, and basically stick to your regimen.

Best for who?

Swatches Elisha Coy

ElishayCoy Snail Cream has a much thicker consistency compare to the gel-like texture of Mizon Snail Cream, and the former is surprisingly cooler to the skin, which I really prefer in the end. Both are pretty much on the same level in terms of spot zapping!

For oily to normal skin types, this might be something for you. However, if you live in a place as cold as North Pole (ok, maybe not that cold – say, the UK) you might want another reinforcement and pair this snail cream with a richer type of cream. My skin gets sooo dry and flaky during the bitterly cold season here in the UK.
You might find that most snail creams are pretty fast absorbent, so in freezing cold temperature, moisture-wise, this won’t suffice.  Since I’m a great believer in the healing and skin regeneration properties of snail creams, I still use this like my serum (Toner-Snail Cream- Rich Cream) then Klair’s Rich Moist Soothing Cream – another fave of mine. Both go very well this winter.
On the other hand, during the summer, you will survive with just this cream, plus you get to really appreciate the cooling properties. Why not give this a try?
My Rating:Rating SJB
Now check out the rest of the bloggers review on this product and find out if this one is definitely  for you. Don’t forget, that if you want to treat yourself or someone, now would be the time since currently have a special discount code of 20% off across all their products! Go on, it’s Christmas!

Dare to slime? 

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ElishaCoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream ratings by other WUBB members:
1 = Poor, 5 = Excellent

Latino Look – Rating: 3
All That Slap – Rating: 3
Dolce Vanity – Rating: 2
Life In A Break Down: Rating: 4
Futures: Rating: 4
Sweetjellybean: Rating: 4
Sweetjellybean WUBB Review Panel

12 thoughts on “Skin Repairing ElishaCoy Snail Cream Review & Ratings

  1. Great review hun, I’m glad it work wonders for you : )
    I found it nice to use with a serum but definitely need something more hydrating these days, is just tooo cold!! Even my hands are so dry! 😦
    It could be perfect for summer for a mix type skin ; )

    Big hug ❤

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