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Bouncing Back

Hello all! It’s been a crazy week and a tough one at that, so I’m sorry for the lack of posts and not had the chance to stalk your wonderful blogs, or reply to your comments here. Believe me, I’m not slacking off or anything, I think you could say that I was just waiting for that moment where I was in a better mood to hit the Publish button again.
To be honest, I have a few posts lined up already but just never get round to posting them. I’m still really shaken up by the recent tragedy that happened to those poor lives and innocent souls that were taken so abruptly from this world, as I’m sure you’ve all seen it in the news. And you could say this really made me halt everything else and just spend every minute of my day with my little guy, holding him extra close to me.
But since I’ve already made commitments in relation to my blog, especially with the brands that took their time during this busy season to send me products for consideration, I just couldn’t let anyone down. So here I am, bouncing back again, and I’m hoping to start this week with a little bit more positivity.

A little Christmassy

I did my best and put something Christmassy for little bean. He’s a big fan of gingerbread men and this penguin is just too cute!

I’ll be sharing with you some of my all time favourite products that I could confidently recommend to all the beauty seekers here. As you all know, I only share products that I’ve tried and tested, and even only hold giveaways for products that I’ve reviewed. I just feel more at ease this way.
So I’d like to invite you to join me in this rather special 7 days journey before Christmas, along with some of the bloggers that I will also be featuring here. If you’ve not done so already, I still have one worldwide giveaway for Mommies and babies out there. Please share this or join in.
Once again, thank you very much for your constant support despite the lack of posts. Blogging will never be the same without you, my readers.
Have a good start of the week everyone, and please give your warm congratulations to the winners below of my past giveaways that I’ve not been able to announce here, but have done so on Facebook.


♥ Sophie at Peach Milky Tea for winning my Lucky Bean Giveaway! Your box was shipped today from Seoul, so hurray!
♥ Polish Alcoholic for winning my mini giveaway for TonyMoly Sticker & Hello Kitty plaster, they’re on your way too!
♥ Robin from Jacques’s Delight for becoming GIG’s first ever winner for the GIG’s 100 Event! Wohoo!

24 thoughts on “Bouncing Back

  1. Again, thanks so much!I’m very thankful for your generosity! “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” 😀
    Even though we ‘know’ each other not that long, I am glad you’re ‘bouncing back’ 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s really hard to go back to a regular routine after hearing about all those babies that are now gone from this Earth. I love the ribbon you have made. That is very cool… actually, it’s beyond cool! It’s perfect! Is there any way I can place it on my blog? Please let me know.


  3. I know what you mean, when you see stuff that’s happened in CT it just makes you want to hug those around you. Hope you and your family have fabulous break! ;D

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