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Have A Fabuluscious Hair This Christmas With Dr. Organic’s Argan Oil Range

Moroccan Argan Oil by Dr Organic's

More than a year ago, I had one of those freaked out moments because I thought I was going bald! Thanks to hormonal upheaval after giving birth, I started losing my hair just 12 weeks of meeting my little bean. The horror! Thankfully, it seems to be a normal occurrence for most Moms at this stage. In fact, from what I’ve read, you’re expected to lose at least 400-500 hairs a day? Now, I’d be lying if I say that didn’t scare the living daylights out of me!
Blogging on the other hand, has really made my search for the best hair care products out there a lot easier, and coming across Argan Oil is one of the best finds.
It’s undeniable that Argan Oil, dubbed as ‘liquid gold from Morocco, is pretty big in the hair department for a while now. Whether you have long, short, curly, straight, coloured or just jet black hair, you might want to turn this way and give this ‘talked about’ hair product your undivided attention.
Dr. Organic finally added Moroccan Argan Oil range to their vast selection of skincare and haircare products!  So behold, my three favourite products so far, and certainly worth recommending to all my readers.
Get ready for a silky, smooth and lustrous hair this Christmas!

♥ Your Everyday Shampoo

Dr Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

↑Hover on the image to see main ingredients pop up.↑

I never really knew what type of smell to expect from this range being a first Argan Oil user myself. And to this date, I still wonder since the ingredients have all been mixed up with something else. Nonetheless, I love the cinnamon-kick that this shampoo has. It just smells exceptionally invigorating and refreshing, not to mention festive!
You’d be surprised how this lathers rather well, despite the fact that it’s free from SLS (the foaming agent used in most shampoos) and only derives its lathering power from organic or natural ingredients instead.
The lovely cinnamon and citrusy scent will really wake you  and simply lift your mood up. While the affordable price is something to hurray about.  I managed to grab this and the body wash during the Buy 1 get 1 half price sale across all products at Holland and Barrett. I paid £8.80 for both products. Pretty decent price for two, I’d say.
Quantity/Price:  265ml –  £5.99 for the shampoo only.

♥ Next up is the Restorative Treatment Conditioner.

Dr Organic Argan Oil Restorative Treatment Conditioner

Thank you to Dr Organic for supplying both the Treatment Conditioner and Serum for review purposes.

I must say, I don’t think I have a big problem in terms of split ends or hair breakage, but my hair does feel limp at times and my scalp really needs nourishing. And this treatment conditioner does the job pretty well. I use this occasionally, when my hair feels like it needs TLC, but surprisingly, I’m seeing noticeable improvements. Less itchy and flaky scalp – I really think the hot shower is making it worst, so I’ve been  doing my best to embrace  the ‘cold hair washing’ tip from my mermaid friend.
This product leaves my hair amazingly soft and easy to manage without the dreaded greasiness later on. Although this still has the signature scent (cinnamon!), I feel that it’s pretty toned down in this one, or perhaps that it could be me just getting used to the smell and enjoying it?? LOL

↓Hover on the image to see main ingredients pop up.↓

Swatches Treatment Conditioner

How to: You simply apply this on a damp hair, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse. And you just follow it up with your normal shampoo and conditioner routine.

The only quibble I have is the packaging.  Dipping or scooping products out of my beauty or skincare stash are terms I don’t quite enjoy doing. And this big 200ml tub happens to fall in that category. So make sure to put aside a humungous spatula or designate a spoon whenever you need some hair treatment. A little goes a long way for this product, so at £7.99, you know it will be worth it in the end. I’ve had mine for over a month or so now, and i’m not even half way there yet!
Quantity/Price: 200ml, normally sells at £7.99
And to really enhance the lusciousness of your locks, the finishing touch of this next product will certainly do the trick.

♥ The Hair Treatment Serum

Dr Organic Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum

↑Hover on the image to see main ingredients pop up.↑

Directions: Use sparingly. Avoid applying directly to roots. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. Do not rinse out.
Styling and Finishing: After shampooing and conditioning use a small amount in the palm of the hand and massage it through towel dry hair, style as desired. 
Natural Protection: To control frizz and protect hair apply a few drops to dry hair as often as required.

I always consider my hair to be on the oily side, especially during this time of the year, which is weird. But the hoo-haa from all the hormonal changes,  anything is possible. Luckily, this serum, unlike the ones I’ve tried and resented afterwards, does not have that greasy feeling. Instead, you’ll be frizz-free, hair feels silky, while giving you that ‘wow’ factor. And who doesn’t love a healthy looking hair this season, or all year round?
The blend of ingredients in each product across the Moroccan Argan Oil hair range so far, has really won me over. Along with the cinnamon scent, this one has a hint of geranium that you might notice, although just like the two products above, the smell is not overpowering.  And don’t you just love the luxurious, beautifully designed frosted-glass effect packaging? I think this would be a wonderful treat this Christmas.
Quantity/Price: 100ml, normally sells at £14.99
Don’t forget, Holland and Barrett (official distributor of Dr Organic’s products) currently has the Buy 1 get 1 half price sale on! You don’t want to miss that. I just picked up the other day Dr O’s Vitamin E Oil and Tea Tree Nail Care product! So watch out for more details on these two.
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Have you tried any Argan Oil hair or skincare products? Do you have any recommendations? Feel free to share!


22 thoughts on “Have A Fabuluscious Hair This Christmas With Dr. Organic’s Argan Oil Range

  1. I’ve been looking for a good shampoo and I still think I’m going bald with all the hair I’m losing when I brush in the morning or wash my hair. Completely freaks me out.

  2. Ohh now i’m really intrested in this brand. (I don’t think we have it here though) Say, how exactly does the Hair Treatment Serum work? I mean do you spray it on your hair or do you massage it into the scalp? And is it for daily use or after washing your hair only?

  3. My new years resolution for 2012 was that I would start using more natural hair & skin care products, so I tried out various products containing argan oil. It was hard at first to decide what products to use (my hair is super important to me). So far my favorite has been Defend (I purchased this at It has worked wonders on my hair! I use Defend on my skin too and my skin feels the best it has ever felt. After purchasing Defend and becoming a huge fan, I tried out some of the other Purelement products. I really love their scrub, “Glow” (it’s oil based as well). Facial oils are amazing; I would never go back to using a cream. Great post!!

    • Oh, I must check Defend! There are so many argan oil containing products these days, you just don’t know where to start anymore, but thanks for the info. I’m always on the lookout for another great hair product. 😉

      Thanks Ella! Really appreciate you dropping by.

      xx Donah

    • I agree with you both! My transition when it comes to using natural products have been slow, but getting there. Only because there are so many now in the market and you have to pick the best one for you without making a hole in your purse! LOL. But yes, 2013 is all natural for me!

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