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Unboxing My First WishBox

I know, I know. It’s not even Christmas yet and here I am unboxing things already. LOL.
To be fair, I’m normally good when it comes to waiting before opening gifts, online shopping (because I need to take pictures while they’re still in pristine condition), unless of course, they have chocolates or food in them, or in this case, the WISHBox!
Christmas Edition WishBox 7
I can’t really compare this box to any of the beauty box subscription you get since this is your Christmas Edition, but wishtrend.com did have a few beauty boxes sold back then, which I’m crossing my fingers that they’d revive in 2013!
So behold, my very first WISHBox! Or you could say my beauty goodies in a fancy zip lock pouch! And whoever made the pretty bow/ribbons, I give you my thumbs up! I tried to recreate it again but failed miserably.
Thank you Wish Company (Ryan & Eddie) for sending this wonderful box of joy! This was sent to me for review purposes.
So what’s in the pouch? Well, let me say that with these little things in here, your Christmas will certainly be merry! And we’re not talking about trial-sized products here, we’re talking about full-sized products and a few samples to start you off, all for just $29.99!!! Even I couldn’t believe when I first saw this on wishtrend.com’s Facebook page with that amazing price tag!
Contents of Wishbox 7
  • 2 x Matte Nail Polish by L’Cret – Red & Green, colours of festivity!
  • 1 x 50ml Klair’s Cherry Blossom & Rose – a mist-have all year round!
  • 1 x 15g ElishaCoy Triple BB Cream – gives full coverage
  • 1 x L’Cret Lipstick in Elegant Purple (omg!, my favourite)
  • 1 x Mustaev Mono Eye Shadow in Diamond Shimmer – dying to try this brand!
  • Skin79 BB samples, Perfume (Rose) sample (smells amazing!)
With the above you can instantly create a look that you’d certainly love! You can go for the ‘less is more’ approach or have that natural glow with a little bit of shimmer, then top it off with festive nails!
It just so happened that I’m already a fan of most of the products here, since I’ve reviewed some of them back then, and the rest I’m already using since I’ve bought them individually before!

L'Cret Matte Nail Polishes

So if you feel like treating yourself, venturing towards new products than your usual stash or simply bring a smile to someone else, then don’t miss this one-time offer from wishtrend.com. I’m so excited to try Mustaev’s Diamond Eyeshadow and perhaps do a ‘look of the day’ post? Just cause it’s Christmas! hehe.
I will be reviewing some of the products separately, but I thought you might love to see the swatches of this matte nail polishes! Let me tell you, I’m hooked! I love how the colours look different yet still stunning under different lighting. Sorry if my work looks a bit messy, I did this in a rush, thank goodness this is a quick-dry polish!

Remember to enter HOLIDAYWISH code on checkout so you’d get your 20% discount! Don’t you just love a bargain?


P.S. I have something special for the remaining products, mainly the facial mist, lipstick and BB cream! Watch this space next year! You could be the lucky owner of this and more!! No kidding!


Red Matte Nail Polish


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