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Sneak Peek of 2013 + Short & Sweet Recap of 2012

Well, hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Christmas has come and gone, but I’m sure deep down the festivity hasn’t stopped yet, and I hope you had a blast and wonderful time with your loved ones! My little bean dressed up as Mr Snowman! hehe
So we’re finally here. The last days of yet another year we’ll be kissing goodbye. Never thought blogging would take me to a different level, the level which involves pure friendship, great inspiration, new discoveries in the beauty world, and new blog resolution.
What a crazy, enjoyable ride in the blogosphere and I’m grateful to have you all on board! Thank you for those who recently joined this beauty bean blog!


2013 is going to be exciting, more opportunities to grow, great collaboration and going self-hosted!
I finally took the biggest leap for this blog about a week ago and purchased me a 2-year hosting plan with Hostgator! With their melt down prices (it was the ‘End of The World’ sale!), I just could not resist and took it as a good sign! Thanks to John Chow (powerful blog-preneur) for sharing the offer on Facebook!
Who would have thought that the sweetest deal of $1.99 per month would happen when the world was about to end? Nonetheless, the new world for this blog is about to begin, and I’m taking you all with me! No one’s going to be left behind!
I have made my list of all the blogs that followed via WP reader and also via email so I can give you all a nudge. The transition, hopefully, wont be as painful and long-winded as I’ve read and you should be able to re-follow me easily on this blog! I’m practically on every platform you can imagine, Tumblr, Bloglovin’, SheSaidBeauty, & HelloCotton etc. – not to mention Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Another great year is upon us and it’s going to be more fun and sweetly inspired blogosphere with you along the way!
To get to know this blog more, here are some little facts about SJB – will do some little facts about the blogger, (me!) on a separate post so we can get to know each other better!
1. Was born in April 2012 as bibeaautyful – the messy name mashed up of bib (baby stuff) + beauty, a lesson I’ve learned to not rush your blog name, otherwise it would suck!
2. After careful consideration, I finally decided that change was inevitable, and Sweet Jelly Bean was born! It was the jelly bean jar sitting on my table that gave me the idea, and my other half who inspired me.
3. Freshly Pressed! I played that moment in my head so many times!
4. New friends, new collaboration and new goals! Becoming a regular reviewer at, a Korean-based company, was like a beauty blogger dream come true for me! Why? Because I simply love Korean beauty products! It all started with the snail and that love has grown – slowly. 😉
5. The GIG finally took off and waved hello! Isn’t it amazing that we finally hit 300 members today after 5 weeks of the group’s launch?! The group couldn’t have done it without the amazing GIG crew and proactive members. For that, Thank you all!
And last but not the least, below is just some of the things that will be waiting for you on the other side! Some, because I’m adding more products along the way to make this one of my biggest welcome giveaway ever!


So please stay tuned! If you’ve not done so already, please follow me via email to get the most up to date posts, giveaways, collaboration, and featured bloggers. Otherwise, feel free to follow me on the social networks on my sidebar or other platforms.

You don’t want to miss this beauty bean in 2013!


32 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of 2013 + Short & Sweet Recap of 2012

  1. Wishing you all the luck & inspiration for the next year to take your blog & yourself to the next level. I know you can do it. 🙂 And yes, you are one of my new found inspirations of 2012.

  2. I feel so happy for you!!! Yay!!! Great after Christmas announcement!
    Also, I am so happy to have been here before you went out and started becoming so popular!
    Best wishes and best of luck! Stay blessed!

  3. This is gonna be an awesome year for sure!!
    I’m now extremely bummed out that I missed out on the Hostgator deal! That’s what I get for ignoring the Internet and email etc.

    Thanks to you and the other GIG founders for making such an awesome group!! I really feel inspired and renewed about blogging and am ready to get back into it like I meant to. This past year was not what I’d hoped for in my personal life and it stunted my blog. Now that I’m past some stuff watch out blogosphere!! Lol. And I have my fellow GIGs backing me up!!!

    So excited to see what you have in store!!
    I also can't wait for all the GIG awesomeness to come!

    • Indeed, it’s going to be an awesome year! Thank you very much for your support and this inspirational words. You and the rest of my followers definitely make blogging more fun and inspiring for me! So I definitely will do my best next year and make it a blast! hehe

      I’m glad you could join us hun, it’s great having you on board and your contribution! I sincerely appreciate it. I’m hoping that by next year the GIG can be in full force in terms of activities and how to help each others blog gain readers and followers at the same time. This month has just been manic, so we shall see what 2013 has to offer us as a group!

      All the best to you and I can’t wait another wonderful ride on your blog!

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