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What I Want In My Bag: 2013 Beauty Lust-list!

Hello everyone!
Look what we’ve got for you!
My beauty blogger friend from Latino Look  (Liss) and I have thought of a new blogging concept that we could share with the rest of you, in connection to our ever growing group over at GIG, you’re friendly Facebook-blogging community! If you’ve not dropped by or not a part of us yet, then you might want to check it out — here.
It’s a work in progress idea/concept to encourage other bloggers to participate, inspire each other with their writing + design creativity, and basically muse together on things we’re lusting over, whether it’s about beauty, fashion, baking, DIY’s, design, books, travel, you name it!


If you do want to participate in this fun blogging activity, please check our GIG’s Official Blog,  as there’s a surprise at the end. We call this GIG Spotlight! (psst… don’t forget to follow us there)
And we thought we could start on something we are passionate about: Beauty. Hence the whole want in my bag and lust-list agenda above! haha
Are you ready? Here’s my list I’ve been wanting, drooling and dreaming about. Not really helping if Liss and I are trying to do this ‘spending ban’, is it now? Oh well, I had so much fun putting this together!

SJB What I want in my bag

• Lip Tint – The Face Shop Love Mark Tint – Orange

I love love the idea on this lip tint from one of the Korean brand I came across over at Cosmetic-Love. It has the sponge like applicator that you stamped on the pot without having to use your finger! Awesome!

Blush Papier – Mai Couture in Sunset Blvd.

A paper-type blush so handy to carry around. Genius! No more brush nor spilling the powder etc. I can get really clumsy sometimes. This one oozes with class and originality! Found this at

Mist Toner – Klair’s AC Control Mist Toner (with Aloe and snail mucin extract)

How on earth did I miss this toner?? While browsing around, I came across this and now I have my eyes on this 2-1 product. Klair’s is one of my favourite organic Korean brands.

Lip Balm – Crazy Rumors in Mint Bubble

I’d never go out without my lip balm handy! And was so pleased to come across this 100% natural lip balm over at CutECOsmetics! Yeah for the natural minty freshness!

And last but certainly not the least…

Perfumelifer – Twinkle Rose

Gahh, I can wear this perfume all season! There’s something about the scent on this one that I just can’t have enough with. Among all the rose perfumes I came across and had to pinch my nose, this is the only one that really won me over!  Watch this space for my review on this product! Only at

What’s your beauty lust-list? Share, share what you want!


23 thoughts on “What I Want In My Bag: 2013 Beauty Lust-list!

  1. oh so want that lip tint and the blush papier!! so handy and handbag friendly! love your list hun!! hope everyone can join and have fun with us! ❤ big hug ❤

    • I know! I think I will buy them for my b-day hehehe excuses huh? haha. I was so gutted I missed the promotional offer at BeautyBay for the blush papier hun 😦 it was only for £8 something then, now it’s a lot more

      P.S. Thanks for accepting the invitation for the GIG’s blog, feel free to add bits and pieces Liss.

  2. I love your list D! Is this a tag? *-*
    Glad to hear you and Liss and doing the spend ban too<3
    I'm finding it sooooo hard! But I know it will be for the best, when it comes to April I will have saved all my money to spend in Japan! Gotta keep saying that to myself xD

    • Yes hun! Check out the how to on GIG’s blog as we will also pick a GIG member to our featured blogger.

      Oh yeah spending ban is getting tight right now, what with all this wonderful beauty stuff hahah Yes, you need to save that money to buy kawaii stuff in Japan hhahahah keep reminding yourself that hun hehe

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