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Good News!


How are you all? Hope you had a good start of the week and now looking forward to Friday and the weekend! Yay! I know, I know, I’ve been MIA for too long. This month unexpectedly became absolutely crazy both at home and virtually while keeping the balance has become quite a challenge. Nonetheless, I’m pleased to say that I’m finally switching my blog to .org! All scheduled at 5am tomorrow by one of the Happiness Engineers.

I’ve been saying it for weeks that I’m going self-hosted blah blah, but just couldn’t pin down the best time for it, until this week. I must say I chickened out of doing it myself and ended purchasing WordPress’ guided transfer for $129! Ouch! But folks, it seems that this could be one of the best decisions I’ve made, since I literally don’t need to think about anything or worry that I will mess something up during the process! Fingers-crossed it will go smoothly and no down time. 🙂

Do stay tuned as I’m planning to share with you my experience on self-hosting your blog if you’re thinking of taking that path for your blog. And thank you very much for all your support! I’ll be back in the blogosphere once this is all done and in full force! Will be catching up with your posts then. 🙂

Happy Blogging! ♥

8 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. I’m so glad you’re still here! But I already knew that, Because I’m one of the lucky GiG’ers that get to pick that awesome mind of yours!!
    I’m pretty excited for your adventures into Self-Hosting!!! Also, nervous for ya but it seems like you’ve got it under control!!! I will definitely we watching to see how it goes before I dare venture into that territory!!!
    I know it’s gonna go off without a hitch so you’ll have to give me all the details after you’re done. 😉👍⭐

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