Sweetjellybean is a simple blog site of the little things in life I would like to share with anyone, who is willing to receive it — one post at a time.  So if you’re looking for some motherhood banter, a buddy to your beauty journey, or simply want help on how to DIY and prettify your blog the easy way, then you’ve come to the right place. And as my tagline goes, Sweetjellybean is fun and sweetly inspired… by YOU!
Note: This blog started as bibeautyful.wordpress.com and was changed on 4th July 2012 into Sweetjellybean.
Hello, I’m D, the Momma Bean behind this blog. I’m so glad that you’ve found us and decided to stick around a little. My little guy inspired me to start this blog in the first place, with the help of my hubby, this blog’s critic with no mercy! 
You’ll  find lots of beauty talks here and reviews, highlighting Korean beauty products  — which have a special spot in my heart. I’m all for organic and all-natural products too, whether Asian or Western brands, so feel free to rummage and check out different reviews on my Beauty section or skincare Category list. And of late, I’ve been enjoying the DIY aspect of designing your own blog, at no extra cost! How cool is that? So, I do my best to share my simple tutorials on how to make things the easy way – ie banners and blog buttons to accessorize your blog. Because nice and easy does it!
So, welcome. Browse around. Take your pick. Get comfortable. Let’s get to know each other and while we’re at it, save a little space for Sweetjellybean in your heart inbox. Or better yet, let’s get the stalking frenzy begin, I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, too.
See you around! xx



76 thoughts on “About

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    • Aww, Niz, you’ve given me award again! I’m so sorry for not being able to post about them yet, my dear. But I’m getting here. 🙂 I shall go and pick it up at some point. Thank you so much. God bless! And take care!

  3. love your new look…sweet! BTW, although I could not open your Help! Should I embrace custom look post, I’ll just say, I love my customized theme. But then again, you are doing wonders here already without it, so maybe your natural talent is just, if not better, and why fix something that doesn’t need fixing.
    Great job, AJ’s Mom!!

    • Hello! Thanks for bringing more sunshine with this comment! Sorry about not being able to find the post. I had to pull it out… for now, I’ve decided to just perhaps stick with it and just simplify things. It’s so easy to get carried away with beautiful colors, but sometimes they’ll make your blog looks too busy. But thank you, for sharing me your thoughts about my blog. And yes, I love the look of your blog, too!

      • Donah, really, your place looks very professional and I am always amazed by your creative blogging works. I think you have natural talent…thanks for all the ways you are so generous in sharing your talent to help tech challenged folks like me. 🙂

  4. Hey Donah! Just passing through and thought I would say hello. Keep in touch, okay? And keep those great blog posts coming, too. I haven’t forgotten about you and hope to catch up with you soon! 🙂

  5. am visiting your blog again with a gap of couple of weeks but really have to tell you it is lovely ….i have seen you from the time i started blogging… from that day to today it has been such a lovely transformation your blog has seen….feels very nice 🙂 Goooooood work keep up mommy dearest…..

    • Thank you! Glad to see you here again. Hope all is well. By any chance you received my email? I’ve not had a reply from you and I actually changed my email about 2 days ago, so not sure if you’ve replied to my old one which I deactivated. 😦 Let me know anyhow. 🙂

      • Mommy i checked your mail out of 1000s ufff and yes yes i have got could not read completely but rushed …not satisfied so will sit and read again in a day or two and will bring it on my blog 🙂 thanks a lottttttt ….I guess you have sent AJ baby’s pic or something which is not displayed…thats oki …i will get in touch with you over mail once am ready to post it on cimplicityrockss …

        love you mommy and AJ too

        Takecare 🙂

  6. I had to do it because you are simply TOO SWEET, Donah. Slap another So Sweet Blogger Award on your trophy shelf because lightning just struck again. Congratulations, sister!


    • Thanks hun! Really appreciate this. I did comment on FB but not sure if you got it. I only managed to reply to this now cos this was in spam section :-s WP is trying to be a little bit cautious with spammers these days. 🙂

  7. Thanks for liking my blog post on “Pink For October”. I think awareness must stay relevant from this month and beyond. Love what you are doing on your blog.

  8. Hi D! thank you for following me I think your blog is super cool and I will be sticking around to keep updated! I don’t use many cosmetics as my fur stays nice and shiny all by itself but I can suss it all out for my mum! =^.^=

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