Have any questions blog-related? Or perhaps products you would like me to review and feature here at Sweetjellybean? If so, I would love to hear from you.

Why with Sweetjellybean?

Sweetjellybean not only loves to blog, ramble a little, but also loves to share  her opinion and reviews on beauty and baby products.

As a first time Mom, I’m always on the look out for great products that are of high quality, suitable for all skin types (especially for sensitive skin, like ours) and products that actually work!  I conduct honest and impartial reviews whether products are purchased by me, or sponsored by you. So, if you want to know more about AJ’s Mom and how this blog site could benefit you, drop me an email at your own convenience. Let’s have a good chat!

To get a feel or ideas of the few products we’ve used so far and whether your product would fit within the content of my blog, please feel free to browse around or click the Navbar, ex. Beauty, DIYs, Mom.ents etc., for more details. 

This bean looks forward to hearing from you!

  • Additional info on new interests: I also love to DIY my blog’s design using the simplest editing tools around the net — so if you have a new editing tool site you want to be tested at by a blog beginner like me, drop me an email, too. I’ll do my best to utilize your site and spread the word. 

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26 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, AJ´s Mom! You have really a nice site. I´m new at wordpress and am not able to use any features just blogging. Yesterday, I tried to put some fotos on it and even that doesn´t work. I can´t speak enough english or at least, I´m one to whom should be shown even once the ways. So I have to wait. Doesn´t matter. I´ve gotten my whole life to explore and advertise my side and my ideas.
    The main idea is, that all we humans on earth should have a time to enjoy togetherness inwardly. I set this time at sunday afternoon 5-7 p.m., because most people are so overworked, maybe at that time, they could be a little more openminded, to pray, meditate, making good wishes, surch for inspirations, healing, and so on.
    So I invite the whole of humanity to join in, the whole of religions. I would like to translate a little, I´ve done something like studying religions, Protestant, Sufism, Buddhism.
    So maybe you would like to take a little look:
    Nice Day, Nice Time, Nice Life to You and Your Baby, all of Your Beloveds and all of Humanity

    • Hi Chrisdiana, I am very flattered by your comment and glad you like my site. I am fairly new to blogging too, and just getting used to all the features I’ve thought myself or researched around. I am more than willing to help you with your site with whatever ideas or knowledge I’ve learned so far about blog DIY. And thanks for your invite. I will visit your site soon.
      I am not sure about our time difference though since I live in Europe. Nevertheless, I am thankful for your lovely and kind words.
      Have a good day!
      AJ’s Mom

  2. Hi!
    Can you help me, please?
    I need help to customize my blog.
    I want to center the blog title and the post title. You know how can i do it?

    I want too, the full post with image post.
    I do not want Post Excerpts.
    You know how i can i change it?

    My blog is, and i have custom design.

    • Hello there!
      I’ve just looked at your site and you’re using Fresh and Clean which is formatted with Post Excerpts. I used this theme before, and then I switched to Origin since even though it’s also in Post Excerpts format, at least the images and font styles are much better. But since you’ve paid for Custom Design, you should now have more option to manipulate CSS, Custom Style Sheet. And unfortunately for now, CSS is not within my reach since my site is not custom designed, I literally do everything as is and just use whatever features and does not involve configuring CSS. Sorry for sounding too technical. But I will try to find a way to help you. Did you want to keep the blog tile or header? You can technically make your own blog header via the tutorial I made and post that as is. Otherwise, to center the blog title including the post title, it must be done by modifying your blog’s CSS. Give me a minute while I’ll look into it further.
      Sorry, if I am not being helpful right now. 😦

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for the response.
    I think that in CSS file i can center the blog and post title. But i do not find where…
    About Post Excerpts, i don’t know if there are a way to change that!

    • I’m just reading some info on that and I think there might be an answer for making your Post Excerpts to Full Post. With regards to CSS file, that’s somewhat way out of my league right now since I do all my DIY without using CSS, and that’s how I’ve been doing with my blog. Let me try something out on my blog and if it works then I’ll message you or something so you could try it on yours. Hope that’s ok. 🙂

    • Got it!! I think I have an answer for your. So please try this ok? In fact, check out one of my post called Calling All DIY Bloggers and you’ll notice that it’s now in full post rather than Post Excerpt format like the others. And tell me if this is what you want.

    • Please note that although my post now is showing in full form, the reader still has the option to click through the title and be taken to the post itself. The only thing with this now is that any images or link you may have will not show unless that reader click the post title. I hope that makes sense. If this is what you want then let me know.

    • Yes, this post. If you check my my homepage and you scroll down, the rest of my posts are in post excerpt apart from this one, but the only issue with this particular post is that it doesn’t show any pics or link I made, you have to click the title to open it.

    • Ok, this is what you need to do. It has to be done manually unfortunately, since apparently editing CSS would only change the visual, not the format, meaning not the excerpts part. Click one of your post and Edit. then once you’re on the Edit page, just below your profile or where your picture shows, there should be a tab saying Screen Options, click that, and make sure that the word Excerpts is checked. If you scroll down passed the box where it says Writing Helper, below that there should now be another box saying Excerpt – that’s where you need to enter all your post content and click Update. Tell me which post you’re doing this to so I can see if it works. Ok? I am very excited since I never knew I could do this, otherwise I would have stayed with my old theme before. LOL. Thanks a lot!

  4. I did it with post “Vacaciones!!!”.
    It works, but appear the phrase “Continue reading”, when the post are full.
    We nedd to find how delete the phrase.

  5. I did it to the posts:
    “E para começar as férias em grande estilo…”
    “E após 2 anos de trabalho, eis que elas chegaram até mim!”

    and i see the full post.

    Just still appear the phrase “Continue reading”, when the post are full!

    • Ok, I’ll check them now. Also when I did full post on mine, I can’t see the pictures on my homepage, I see all post but not the banner nor the links included unless someone click that title and open it. Might not work with my theme, I guess.

    • I just changed it back. Sorry. There’s only one Image you could see I believe? That’s the bell image, but this post has another banner image and two links below, which is something that’s not coming up. But luckily on your theme, it seems to be working. So that’s good enough for me 😉

  6. Yes, is the bell image.
    Later i will try to add more images and links to the post, and see if they appear in full post.
    Now i want to know how to delete the phrase “Continue reading”, and how to center the blog and post title.
    If i found it, i tell you! 😉

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