GIG HOP #0 Introduction


A little back story…

Here we are, our first GIG Hop! For those of you wondering what the heck is a GIG Hop, well, this is Girls Inspired Group very own one-of-a-kind topic-based blog hop! Yes, that is a mouthful! You could say this isn’t your typical blog hop since we actually have a topic we can discussed, and rather than doing it on our FB wall, we’re doing it over here on my blog. In the next coming weeks, another blogger will be doing the ‘GIG Hop’ so this will give you a chance to get to know that blogger, her topics, followers and anyone who will join the discussion in the comments section. Our hop will be a tad more engaging, and hopefully, will learn a few things from it. Don’t forget to comment or like, so others can check you out.

GIG Hop’s Topic

And since I realised that some of the girls are not sure what a ‘blog hop’ really is, or have not tried, I thought we could make this as our first topic.

Q: What is a blog hop? And what benefits would it do for your blog?

A: If you Google it, this is what you’d stumble upon:

  • To follow links from one blog entry to another, with related side-trips to various articles, sites, discussion forums, and more. (via at

As the name suggest, you are jumping over one blog to another. But why would you do that?
So you’d get to know more blogs, perhaps within your topic or niche, and basically, it’s one of the ways to get your blog out there. Call it as another form of proactive networking. Sometimes, it’s important to get yourself ‘out there’ to be seen, be heard and meet other awesome bloggers.

Since I’ve joined ‘blog hops’ few months ago, I’ve seen so many type of hops that I can’t even keep up with them anymore. Friday-themed blog hops, getting-more-followers for your social networks hops, Monday hops, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly is fun, and through some of these hops, I’ve met some of the bloggers that I’ve been stalking now and enjoying their blogs.

At GIG, we’re lucky to have at least 3 inspirational bloggers, who have actually started their own blog hops, and I thought of sharing them with you so you can have your first experience of what the fuzz is all about, or simply meet more bloggers along the way.

Go on, check the links below and have fun in the blogosphere, but before you do, please vote for the next topic of our GIG Hop on what you’d like to know or learn more to benefit us bloggers. — see below:

Let’s vote!

Now go and experience your first blog hop (if you’ve not already!)

  1. by Sarah – join her ‘I love my post blog hop’
  2. by Leslie – join her ‘Twirl and Take a Bow Party’
  3. by Melanie – join her ‘WordPress Weekends’ hop


*Interested to be the next guest co-host of GIG Hop, let us know in the comment section. 😉

10 thoughts on “GIG HOP #0 Introduction

  1. Thanks so much for adding my Twirl & Take a Bow party to your list! At my blog hop, I love for bloggers to share their DIYs, projects, recipes, decorating tips and advice…whatever they want to share that will give others inspirations and ideas. All you have to do is link up your post that you want to share…then twirl and take a bow!
    Visit me at and join in on the fun! Any questions, just contact me!

    • Hello Leslie! One of these days I will invade your party and will twirl and finally take a bow! heheh. I’ve not forgotten the guest post spot for me btw, it’s just been hectic and I’m procrastinating on going self-hosting this blog by end of this year. I’m getting nervous! haha Might need to get your advice soon! xx

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