Aiming for the secret 1-800 Flowers basket (US Follower) ? (no flowers involved) Or, aiming for the secret wishbox from (Non-US Follower)?

Whichever of this you’re aiming, there’s only one thing you need to make sure first.

Become The Lucky Bean!

This page is a guide on how to earn jellybeans as you blog with Momma Bean. This is to save you from going through my giveaway post and reading the whole thing. Although you’re more than welcome to do so.

Required to quality for the giveaway:

 √ You’re my follower.  √ You’ve stalked me (or liked me) on Facebook and added on Twitter.

Now you’re all set to earn those jellybeans!

Starting from the Giveaway Post Introduction – here, onwards, you can like and comment and you get 3 jellybeans!

1 x Like = 1 jellybean
1 x Comment = 2 jellybeans

(one comment only per post will be credited, but you can comment as much as you like) read: I heart Comments!

More jellybeans?
The following action can be done to any of my blog posts.

1 x Link back* or ping back = 5 jellybeans!
1 x Reblog = 4 jellybeans!

1 x Bring a Friend* either from WP or Blogger or anywhere  = 6 jellybeans! for your hardwork

Extra, extra beans? (one time only)

1 x my giveaway badge on your blog – (check my sidebar) = 10 whooping jellybeans! (one time only and must stay on your sidebar or blog until 17th December. – yes I will check you ha ha)

From Me to You:

For being a part of the bean jar and giveaway, every 3 weeks I will feature one blogger and this would earn you 10 jellybeans! 

Cool, huh? That’s because I really like you.

So far, those are the ways to become the shining lucky bean in the jar! Although if there’s more, I will share it with you.

’till next bean update!

* Link backs to any of my posts on your post, must be done properly, otherwise I wouldn’t know if you have linked back or not – I need to approve it once I get the notification. Don’t waste 5 jellybeans for nothin’!

*That friend needs to become my follower  to get your 6 jellybeans.

(Like this page and comment?  That’s 3 jellybeans!)

Link backs or reblog applicable to any of my posts.

Eligible posts for Likes & Comments: (so far)

18 thoughts on “HOW TO BECOME THE LUCKY BEAN **Ended**

  1. This is such a clever giveaway format. You are gonna have to do so much counting in December, consider me officially entered 🙂 x

    • Thanks Breige! Glad this was an interest to most of my followers. 🙂 Oh, I know about the counting jellybeans! LOL. First day, I had about 100 name tags to make already! Gonna make my Mom to help me out, plus get a big jar. Glad you could join. 🙂

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