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Wishtrend - WUBB Review Panel
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Sweetjellybean WUBB Review Panel
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5 thoughts on “Wishtrend UK Beauty Panel

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  3. Hi Sweet mommy. Lovely and fantastic to come back and see your blog. You know that i am coming back after a long gap and your blog simply made me smile this biggggggggggg :-))))))… Keep up your dedication and pass on my kisses to AJ baby ….

    And most importantly sorry for the delay in posting your article on my blog…i dont know when i would again get time to see my blog itself….:-) hope you wont throw rotten eggs on me for this delay heheheheh…..will let you know when i post anything on my blog 🙂

    Enjoy working on your lovely blog

    • Hi my dear! Sorry for the late reply. Just been extremely busy. I noticed that you’ve been busy yourself too. That’s good. Sometimes things are better that way. I’m glad that you’re still loving my blog and it’s making you smile – just one of the goals of this blog, make everyone happy hehhe.

      Don’t worry about the article, just take your time. I’m not going anywhere 😀

      Take care! xx

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