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Happy Weekend all! How’s the first week of 2013 treating you so far? Are NY Resolutions kicking up a notch already?

I thought of sharing something colourful and visual this Sunday, to take things easy while you chillax on your couch or in your bed. No need to be an early riser especially if you deserve a quiet, chilled out weekend.

Instagram is, in no doubt, hub of all things pretty, inspirational and drool-worthy pictures. I know they have this new silly Terms & Conditions, of which I’ve not really bothered stressing about. Life is too short to burden yourself with these things.

So, while waiting for all this move to happen for my blog, I made this Instagram-styled post with some of my nailspiration snaps.

I hope you like it! It was fun making this, especially making the colours pop!

Oh, if you happen to be an Insta-chic, feel free to follow me @sweetjellybean5, I always give the love back! ^^


nails lcretnails Ciatenails



17 thoughts on “Nailstagram

  1. such pretty nails! …and so creative too! i wish mine were polished like that. my favorite is the ciate jelly bean–it’s a great color. i also like the glitter french manicure. it’s perfect for a night outing or a party.

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